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  1. Thanks for the reply. The .xaml file is somehow stored with an error and does not appear on It is not recognized by the system. (Of course I'm using the correct folder, that's not the problem.) When I try to retrieve with shapemaker the .xaml file (import PDN shape), only nonsensical streaks appear. Maybe I'm doing something wrong while editing and then saving, even though I followed the instructions. Is there any step that can be done wrong and generate files with error? because that is not the only shape with which this happens to me. I will continue to try, anyway, I would appreciate if you could upload the file shiny.xaml to the forum to be able to occupy it in the meantime.
  2. Hello Can anyone explain or help me? Why this shape does not work correctly? what am I doing wrong? The attachment is a dhp file, for shapemaker Thanks Shiny.txt