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  1. Hey now, if I got rid of something every time it broke I wouldn't be using Paint.NET now would I? v4.2.2, v4.2.3, v4.2.4 (and I bet v4.2.5 is right around the corner too), so Ha! And just to clarify, I use the AV that I do because it give ME the full control on MY System on what should and what does happen with its HIPS, unlike Windows Defender and pretty much any other MS product where you have no control over anything. So yeah, it wasn't due to the file being malicious (maybe I should have clarified this part better), I knew it was an MS file from the get go, it simply informed me that this .dll was trying to load and I looked at it and said, Na, block it, previous version of Paint.NET didn't use this thing so why allow some new .dll to run for v4.2.4. Maybe you like the hands off approach with Defender, but I love having a super tight Firewall and HIPS rule set that gives me the control. Also Windows Defender is IMO trash, it has some of the worst performance of all the AV's, what with it having no caching thus it will constantly scan the same files over and over every time you open a folder for example, obtuse and hidden settings that are only accessibility with PowerShell, and like I said above, gives the user almost no control over how it works, hope you like definition updated updating 5+ times a day... Oh and they currently sit on top with the most false positives, so congrats to them on that achievement! Small Edit: Oh and I also find it funny how you say, your AV's broken use WD, when recently MS broke WD.
  2. So this is odd, I was on Paint.NET v4.2.2 and everything was working fine, then I installed v4.2.4 moments ago but my AV quarantined "msvcp140_codecvt_ids.dll" and Paint.NET won't start without it, un-quarantining this file and Paint.NET will work again, I went back to 4.2.2 to check and I don't see this file. I'm just wondering what this file is, does, and is it new to v4.2.4?
  3. If optimizing images is what you're after, check out FileOptimizer! It honestly blows my mind how much if can save, it's super simple to use too, just drag and drop your stuff on it, similar to what Rick said about Gauntlet, FileOptimizer is just a GUI/front-end for many plugins such as PNGout. https://nikkhokkho.sourceforge.io/static.php?page=FileOptimizer https://sourceforge.net/projects/nikkhokkho/
  4. With the picture above, there is a tiny thin 1px white line at the bottom of the image, this is something you're going to miss if opening the image with Paint.NET, because the grey line that borders the image hides this, opening the image on something with a pure black backdrop and you can see it well.
  5. I use no sort of hack or registry editing. Just whatever is provided in the Windows Personalization Panel.
  6. First off I'd like an easier way to toggle between Light & Dark mode, currently the only way is under the option panel, could there be accessible button added somewhere on the toolbar for a quicker toggling. Second, I notice there is a thin grey line bordering images, can this be removed? It makes dealing with problematic edges on images with it. An example of this that makes it harder for me would be something like this. Anyway thanks for considering, and still love Dark Mode!
  7. Love that Paint.NET can be portable, (though the install first, copy folder somewhere, etc. steps are really dumb. Why not package it up in a .zip ready to go?), but performance wise it's really lacking, any action there is noticeable "lag", startup times are longer compared to the "installed" version, opening images, "Undoing" steps, opening the option panel, you name it, it's pretty slow. Any chance that the performance side of things for "portable" mode can be improved? And it's not my PC, I've tested both "installed" and "portable" side by side on the same PC, on the same SSD.
  8. For what its worth, I'm getting the same thing as olavrb so he's not alone, but you know, first world problems, kinda minor.
  9. Thanks for the replies and suggestions, I'll look into doing that layer trick and maybe that plugin too. Glad to also hear that it'll be added natively soon™ to Paint.NET, It'll be a great feature for sure.
  10. Super noob question, but is it possible to change the light grey color to black? being able to toggle between grey and black would be wondrous, sometimes I work with very dark images (like a night sky) and it's hard for me to see the corners of an image when its up against such a light background. Is what I'm referring too.
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