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  1. @MadJik Nice tip but MY LAPTOP DOESN'T ACCEPT THOSE PLUG-INS. How can I fix this problem?
  2. @Pixey Yeah. Thank you. But it would be more awesome if you send me color charts for skin and hair colors. But thanks!
  3. @MadJik My Computer doesn't accept your Plug-Ins. How can I fix this. Windows 10.
  4. @MadJik Which Plug-Ins did you use (with the download links, please)? I mean those color code chart you use in the videos. But thank you.
  5. @MadJik Did you use any Plug-In? And where got you those color codes for skin and the hairs color? Please send me.
  6. @MadJik No. I mean the blonde girl. But thank you. Have you a tip how can I create characters like the blonde girl. I mean this realistic style.
  7. @Pixey No. I want to create my own characters in this style! How can I do this?
  8. Hello Community, Ok. This is the cover of R.L. Stine’s “Give me a K-I-L-L”. The picture looks so awesome and it is made with photoshop, or so. I wanna create a picture like this in paint.net. (Yeah! I have a lot of time.) So, how do I create this? Do I need a plug.in? And when the answer is “Yes!” which do I need? (Please with link.) Bye, Beehoney
  9. Hello, Community, I downloaded a plug in for paint.net. But I can’t install it because it is a DLL-Data. My laptop doesn’t accept this form. So, how do I install this thing on my windows 10 laptop? Greetings, Beehoney ♥
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