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  1. Thank u @Ego Eram Reputo. Try Irfanview but not have this function. Claudio
  2. Hi all, Is possible import a txt list contain various name and create a png for every name on list? Example, my list.txt: CAUPTAIN PAINT.NET FORUM MEMBER Now I want automatic/batch create a individual transparence png for any line using a fixed profile: Font: "Arial, 22, Outline, Shadow" - Its example only. Any plugin or tip?? Claudio
  3. @lynxster4 Thank you very much for the instructions. Worked perfectly in first try. I'm laughing like a child. Once again, thanks for the help of everyone who posted. Claudio
  4. Hi @welshblue. The Madjik and Eli methods are very easy because step by step, but your method I dont undestand anything. Your gradient is perfect. Where my fault?? Im tested but not have good results on gradient and I can not create the circle, because you talk about making a square and then turn into a circle, is that it? Please show me more steps. The circle you created is perfect for me. Claudio
  5. Hi @MadJik, @Eli and @welshblue I'll read the tutorials and see the videos. English is not my primary language and sometimes, even trying, something loses and then I can only count on the help us in the forum. Many thanks for all help. Claudio
  6. Hello all, I'm here again. My knowledge has improved a lot, but I still have a lot to learn. My new target are 2. 1 - Make Circular logo with shadow 2 - Make transparent glass for circular logo How to make this?? Claudio
  7. Oh yes. Find my fault, I use "open with.." because this, never show "white bg". Now its work using your method, too easy, @Pixey Thank u and thanks to @LionsDragon for tip. Claudio
  8. Thank you @Pixey and @toe_head2001 for fast replys. The method used by toe_head2001 is very very easy. I´m try Pixey method but I failed in instructions, because dont understand part 2. "Uncheck the Background white layer" . What BG White? I realy need learn your method Pixey, please give me a tip. Claudio
  9. Hi guys, I need help again. How to make a internal shadow transparency? Try some tips but shadow not work for TOP and BOTTOM, just LEFT/RIGHT. I want make in black shadow on all sides transparency. ORIGINAL IMAGE: TARGET IMAGE: FINAL IMAGE (Yellow background only test): Thank u . Claudio Raphael
  10. Oh my god Its very very very easy. Thank u so much @AndrewDavid for reply. I'm laughing like a child. Claudio
  11. Hello all, I make a image using layers. 1 layer is a moldure , other is image. I want make 2 in 1 but dont cut correctly. how to make this? Any command or side by side? Try various forms, but no success. File 1: File 2: After junction: Need: Thanks in advance Claudio
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