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  1. After selecting whole or part of image, use Move Selected Pixels tool (M) and move cursor upper the selection line so you see kindova curved two-side arrow, then rotate as you need with LeftMouseButton
  2. Thank you very much for feedback!) Of course i'll try AA's Assistant. I've used Blur Selection, but it was realy not enough. Glad to know that there are people who can help get Tutorials branch back to life =)
  3. Well.... i'm using random pictures for tutorials...and for that one i got a \/ \/ \/workaround of my runes photo\/ \/ \/ And that's what my sick imagination led to) I had to give Vaal my brain for runes power save, so i'm kinda of lobotomied for now. But i'll still appreciate any criticism =)
  4. whoa dat begins ten years ago.... and here we are and that's my try looks pretty as rust --di_is_in--
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