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  1. Thank you Barbieq. I have a lot to learn about both paint.net and this forum. I'm more of a MyBB mentality. Having some navigational challenges. Someone might have to come find me.
  2. The lighting is great. I am eager to see if I'll ever get to your level...however, I am concerned for your safety because turbines won't work in the vacuum of space. I do hope you make it back to earth.
  3. I signed up the other day. Looking around, familiarizing myself. I don't have much to contribute, having spent all of ten minutes with paint.net but I have to learn something new. Paint.net looks competent and the price was right. So as I translate my considerable knowledge of an old and failed art program to one that people actually still use I should have more to say. Anyway..Hi.
  4. This one is making my brain tell my eyes it is spinning...very slowly, but spinning. Nice optical illusion.
  5. Lean out your mix. The polishing you'll have to do yourself.