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  1. Palmtrees

    Not sure what to call this

    Thank you, I will give it a try.
  2. Palmtrees

    Not sure what to call this

    @Pixey Thanks, but I was hoping for a tutorial. If I see it, I can do it.
  3. Palmtrees

    Not sure what to call this

    My bad, I mean the splattering. I'm sure once I get down how to do that, I can probably do anything.
  4. Hi there, I've tried searching for what this might be called, no luck. I'm looking for a tutorial that can show me how to do stuff like this: I'm not looking to do the animation, just how to make all that with a transparent background. I have found a tutorial on how to take something from an image and make it with a transparent background but it's not as complicated as this image is. Any advice would be great, I'm trying to make my own graphics (banners, headers, buttons, signatures) and what I have a vision for, I don't know how to accomplish. Thank you for any help!
  5. I wanted to thank you for your tutorial on how to remove a background. I found it easier to understand. Thank you.