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  1. Please add function/option to ignore certain color on Selected pixels move within layer ( default/{the only} color -- transparent ) . And, not necessary, on Paste or Copy . This essential function dramatically speed up multiple tasks which exactly are targets of such software .
  2. Note that i didn't meant that Paint.net is a bad program or that i do not use it, lot of works on PC would be meaningfully harder without it and i'm thankful to developers for making it, this thread are about a certain functionality, and i just personally hardly dislike when some people conceal issues by empty things like "it makes it unique" or "the issue are not real because i don't think feel/see it is" or "if its not a huge/key problem it doesn't worth being mentioned" or whatever else of such kind. (for me this seems to be obvious, but people tend to look at things trough their kaleidos
  3. 1-stly, the 3+ steps use of a "magic wand" just to do things that are that basic and obviously expected by any normal user to happen by default are ridiculous, not sure what the "that takes some practice with" mean, but if you practically meant "its good that its unergonomic, inefficient and ridiculous, because it makes it more unique", i think it is not other response needed than this clarification.
  4. wait, is there transparent pixels getting moved too ? What a **** , i can understand no ability to ignore white, but holly crab, moving empty pixels is hell ridiculous
  5. (When you then making some for example white box, and placing something on it you will be unable to move it do not affecting the boxe's fill, you can't always make new layer for each thing which can get on another) (without the solution i agreed with)
  6. okay, with global mode and tolerance 0 its working, agree, thanks for responses (especially for pointing me to solution )
  7. magic wand selects similar color, not exact (it how it should be, but are not suitable in that case)
  8. or better, option to select color to ignore )
  9. Thanks, but no, i didn't meant any changes to transparency handling in the program or actions with background colors in project, i offered as i said ability to switch "do not move pixels with [255,255,255,|any|] color" to selection tools, I do know how to use layers and they are main reason why probably going to use Pant.net instead of MS Paint, it doesn't anyhow connected to the addition, the enchantment is functionality for selection system, which can't be substituted with same working speed by layers system.
  10. Hi, just want to make request to add the MS Paint 's "transparent selection" function to the great Paint.net, because i readed topic about it which was before want to explain: deal here not in layers, actual transparency or anything like that, just white color in paint is same as transparency and can say when you selecting and moving anything-- white pixels is like white and no color pixels (transparent) in same time and you can choose what they would be, but point and coolness of the feature is in that what in a lot of workflows on that kind of editors background is white,
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