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  1. Thanks a lot for updating the Shape3D Plugin! I am really happy that it works again
  2. Really looking forward to an upcoming solution! :-)
  3. After a long time usage of the "effects > render > Shape3D" function in paint.NET, it now stopped working after one of the recent software updates. Up to then, I was using the function like this: - open an image - resize it - press menu "effects > render >Shape3D" - in the lower status bar of the Shape3D configuration window press "XML" - then "Load" from a separately stored xml-file with my personal Shape3D-settings - go on with further editing or store the rendered image file Now, using current version 4.0.17 (4.17.6411.1908), the software crashes as soon as I try to select "Load" or "Save" from the "XML" menu in the Shape3D plugin. A crash log file is attached to this posting. I am posting this in the troubleshooting section, as it appears to be an issue with paint.NET, not within the plugin. As long as I enter my Shape3D settings manually, everything seems to work fine... but it is really hard to reenter these settings all over again each time, I want to use them. Can you help me and advise, how to come around the XML-load-save-issue? - pdncrash.1.log