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  1. UPDATE: Got a nice insurance settlement out of it, at least. With that, we could replace (and upgrade!) the car. Under the mazelike "no fault" laws of this state, there are limits to what I can personally get from the other party, short of lawyering up, which is not really necessary in this case; my insurance can always subrogate the deductible from the other driver's insurance, and I'm sure they will. In any case, replacement car floats down the road like nobody's business, so we're good. Thanks everyone for your heartfelt support - is what makes the PDN community second to none!
  2. Thanks you guys! This PDN thingie makes it fun, even for types who are so right-brained they need a sidecar. The encouragement I get from the other side of the couch helps too.
  3. http://blogfiles.wfmu.org/DP/2003/02/365-Days-Project-02-19-cambodian-funk-yodeler-unknown-title.mp3
  4. The better half has finally got me off the ground! https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/dragonslion/Gallery/puffy_claude.png
  5. Thanks everyone! Got to admit to a bit of shortcut-taking, but then I've also been appreciating your posts and artwork from the other side of the sofa for a couple of years so I kind of know you already. Now on to the tutorials....!
  6. Hi there. I'm the other half of LionsDragon, finally getting around to Introductions after trying to hose down that Photobucket fire. With your help, I may just be able to light up the other brain hemisphere and get my artistic freak on. I was busted by my wife pretty early in our courtship, cos she couldn't stop running into all that LP/CD cover art lying around. In any case, my style is pretty much "behind the curtain" - I've done nothing but duty up to now, so it's time to have some fun!
  7. @welshblue The better half showed me your UFO submission, which led me straight to the Twin Towns' very own!
  8. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC51ep2f7Ezdf_ytWh4J0SKQ
  9. OK, I think I know what I'm doing with Amazon Web Services now. Pros: Quick to set up Relatively easy to use, at least in its barest-bones form (more on that later) Lots of neat nerdy features, for those with the time/ability to take advantage of them Relatively generous (first 5 GB of storage and 20,000 HTTP GETs (read requests, like when someone accesses a post with your thumbnail in it) are free Cons: Requires at least some IT savvy to do anything really specific Is only free for one year (currently) - Amazon, being the mothership, can of course change their terms whenever they damn well please Requires you to circumvent several security defaults to make your stuff truly accessible in the way most people want As with everything, YMMV. Cheers!
  10. Hi guys - Just wanted to add my $.02 cents from IT job experience. Like with most stuffs, you get what you pay for - and the thing that really costs money in this biz is not storage but bandwidth. In other words, equipment to hold your stuff costs next to nothing, but the costs related to ensuring that network traffic to and from your stuff is available, secure and flowing at usable speeds are pretty steep. That's why things like "the cloud" have become so important in the last 4-5 years. Setting up a server is one thing - keeping it operational 24/7, updated, configured and patched so that it can be available on the web yet safe from being turned into a zombie soldier in some Belarusian botnet brigade is very tricky and expensive business these days. It's why most "free" hosting services don't allow 3rd party links to stored files anymore. That said, I'm going through the process of signing up for Amazon Web Services free tier. From what I've heard, they're good at storing *and* sharing your stuff at reasonable rates. I'll let you know what I find. And yes, my "better half" and I sing the praises of PDN everywhere we go - "better than Photo____, even today!"
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