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  1. Thanks guys. Got it. If that's the same link the server must have been down before.
  2. I guess this is no longer available since the download link is broken. Does anyone know of a similar plugin? I hunted through the entire index of plugins and found nothing. Seems like a great idea. Wish I knew how to write plugins, I'd make one.
  3. @AndrewDavid Thanks again, Andrew. Yeah, I figured out the "coloring" thing later on. I'm used to another program where you can make a selection that doesn't include the transparent part of the brush. You can create some interested effects using gradients to color the brush that way. I'll check out Brush Factory, too. Appreciate the tip and your time. Edited to add: Just tried Brush Factory. It's closer to what I'm used to so I like it. Now to check out the abrviewer you mentioned. Thanks again! Thanks @MJW. I've been a moderator before, and in my experience, some folks just don't like old threads being revived. Haven't seen enough of this forum (yet) to know how friendly it is so I was just playing it safe. Appreciate the time you spent to clarify the rules. Edited again to add: Andrew, I tried version abrViewer 1.0.2, then tried 2.0, which came out a few months later. Not that much difference but I thought I'd mention it to you in case you didn't know about the newer version. It just adds an Options item to the file menu with a couple of settings, and adds a "folders" and "favorites" tab to the interface, with button to "load brushes" - otherwise there seems to be no difference. I'll probably use the newer version since the load brushed button is handy.
  4. Hi Andrew, Thank you for the welcome and the reply. I had installed the ABR viewer but didn't see it anywhere. I figured out I could use it to open the .abr file, but only if I selected that file type in the "Open" dialog box. It wouldn't see the abr files if I had "all files" selected. You say the standalone app will convert the abr files to png? Do you have to do it one brush (layer) at a time, or will it convert an abr file with multiple brushes into individual files in one operation? I was surprised to see, when I tried to fill the brush with a color, that it filled the entire brush selection, transparent part included. I found if I switched the fill to "overlay" I could fill the pattern, but any disconnected parts would have to be filled individually. That's a tedious process for a grunge pattern as there are many, many scratches and texture areas that are not connected. Do you know if there's a way to fill the entire paint area of the brush all at once without filling the transparent areas, too? Lastly, do you know if the team behind PDN is planning to incorporate a better custom brush system? It's a great program, but the brush system is rather primitive (from a user perspective, I know nothing about programming). Are suggestions welcomed/encouraged at all? Thanks for your time, Andrew!
  5. I'm sorry for resurrecting an old thread but I couldn't find any newer ones about the custombrushesmini plugin. I installed the plugin and added an .abr brush, but it just paints black blotches. Would I be correct in assuming that's because it's painting with all the brushes in the .abr file? I think there were 10 brushes in this set. Also, in another thread there was a tutorial on installing the plugin. In it, the member said to move three files to the effects folder, but only two of them were in the download. Since I have the plugin available in the tools menu, I wondered if the missing file is the problem with all the brushes being shown as one? Thanks.
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