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  1. Wow. Nobody has posted about this plugin' for 8 years? At this time Paint.Net is at 4.0.21. I don't know if it's still an ongoing project. I've been using it for one year and no updates that I can remember.


    If you're still out there MadJik, Kudos to you. I love your frames. Thanks for your time and effort. I was using Paint Shop Pro until I had no choice to upgrade to Windows 10, and PSP 7 no longer works after Windows 7. Anyway, in that program you could select the borders to go 'over' your image (like yours do), or have the border butt up to the edge of the image, so that none of the image becomes hidden by the border. I was curios if it would be a chore for you to add that option to this plugin? Thanks again ?


  2. Well this kind of stinks. I went and downloaded and it was stopped in it's tracks by my Norton 360 Antivirus suite. The zipped executable no longer works. I highly doubt that this is malware of any kind, but even turning auto protect off, Norton still caught it while trying to download it again. If anybody is interested, I attached a print screen. :(


  3. Hello. I am really interested in downloading BoltBaits "Remove Dust" plugin for version 4.0.16 but cannot find the direct link for it. I clicked on the second link below (copied from top of this page), but I'm not able to find the actual zip file. Would somebody please point me to it?
    Thank You so much.

    Download Here

    For Paint.NET 3.5.11:

    For Paint.NET 4.0:

    I'm thinking "Plugin of the Year". Yes?