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  1. Rick why you don't consider the possibility to publish on the Store two apps: one with advertising that will be display during the start up of Paint.NET and another one with payment but without advertising?...you can redirect also your internet users to the Store, in this way, who don't want pay can "give his substain" anyway
  2. Hi Rick! I saw that you will convert Paint.net as UWP! It's great news! I and other Italian developers created a group for promote this bridge...so, if you need an help, we are happy to give you support! Some Italian websites spoke about us and in the comments there was a lot of request about Paint.NET! You can check our work here: https://github.com/UWP-Open-Source-Community/ You can join on our international telegram group(just created): https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAENGpl0XXRIJmDW57Q Or if you prefere we have also a slack channel Let me know if you are interested!?
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