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  1. After several restarts and downloading .NET several times as it recommended it, paint.net is finally installing, so this has been solved. Neat.
  2. So, I just got a temporary laptop and I tried downloading Paint.net due to how absolutely magical it is (Not even joking) and it is refusing to do so. I am downloading from the official site (getpaint.net) and am not clicking on any form of an ad. I'll try to provide a screenshot, but I'll have to use *shudders* regular Paint. I downloaded the .zip and extracted the .exe. I ran it and it tells me that .NET and paint.net will be installed. I confirm that it should do so and it continues. It extracts the files and that's it. No more notification, no shortcut, and no file anywhere I can find even checking in. I am using Windows 8.1 x64 which to my knowledge is usable with paint.net. Is there a flaw with my installation that I will be embarrassed about for overlooking and make me reevaluate my entire life? Download Image: With the red square being where I clicked.