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  1. I have already posted it in the specfici plugin topic, but since noone replied... I get this error when trying to open pdf files (altough it saves normally) Can anyone help please? Thanks in advance
  2. 'Portable Document Format' FileType Plugin (.PDF)

    I get this error when trying to open pdf files (altough it saves normally)
  3. [Request]Slides on

    Thank you. It looks good. Don't know if I'm gonna try it. Irfan plus videopad did it. But it's good to know it exists.
  4. [Request]Slides on

    Thanks, but it is too limited.
  5. [Request]Slides on

    I think that will do. Thanks a lot.
  6. Hello everyone. I would like to know if there is any plugin that allows me to make a slide presentation using Default windows program does it with black ground (I want white) and I cannot control the time beetween one slide and the other. Powerpoint is no good too, as I use very different sizes of images at the same presentation. Thanks in advance
  7. How did you make the first one? I can see orange with bevel object. Anything else? If not, which values did you use? I don't know what dynamic range is. I have always been using drop shadow, usually with default values. About your third example, I didn't get the background effect. It looked like it was noise, but when tried, it was not the same thing. Actually, it was the best color so far =)
  8. Hello. I would like to know if there is any color (can include effects, both in the image and/or in the text) that could combine with this image at 1200x1000. I tried lots of things, and nothing really seems to be good, as the eyes seem to always complain at some point. It can include plugins use, and the text is almost full screen. Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks for the tips. I saw nice effects with Aardvark. Just that in it it seems that I cannot work with a very small image. But for bigger ones, very nice idea.
  10. Thanks a lot. I already had the pack installed. It worked perfectly, and I liked the other possible effects.
  11. Hello. I did what is in the pic manually, but since I want a much bigger picture, I'd like to know if there is any plugin that does it automatically. A plugin that multiplies the image and puts them exactly side-by-side automatically. Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks a lot guys. I didn't try it yet, but it seems like the path has been shown. @Red ochre: I use word 2003.
  13. 3 things: 1 - Thanks 2 - I cannot even get it to be like the one you did 3 - How can I put the colour values for gradient? Thanks in advance
  14. Hello. I'd like to know how do I make in a gradient like this one, that I actually used microsoft word to make. I searched, tried, but the ones I make at don't become like this one. Either it becomes too dark (if I put black as second color) or too clear (if I put white as second color). And as I can't just copy/paste (it copies text, images, but not the gradient, even if I hit select all).... Note: the grey part outside the rectangle is actually microsoft word interface/area, not an effect or something that I want in the gradient Thanks in advance.