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  1. @Pixey Thank you! That must have been quite the trip!


    @LionsDragon In a way it is! But it's more of a robot spider/crab. Inspired somewhat by the Tachikomas from Ghost in The Shell.


    @Seerose Thank you very much! :)


    @lynxster4 Thank you for your kind words! 



    With the recent talk of creating a US Space Force™ dedicated specifically to space based operations,  I felt inspired to make a scene of something that we'll perhaps see in the distant future.





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  2. Thank you everyone!


    @SeeroseThe animation has a total of 128 frames recorded at a speed of 30 FPS.


    @Joshua Lamusga I'm not sure if it fully qualifies, as the trees in the foreground are silhouettes, and technically the tank has some lighting highlights on its turret. I'll have to give it another shot, I think.


    It's been a bit of awhile, but I'm back! Here's a new scene for February.



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  3. Hello everyone, Happy New Year!


    It's a new year, and so of course there will be new drawings. Here's the first piece of 2018, an animated one.



    (Animated, click to view)

    Alternate link if it doesn't load: https://blastwaves.deviantart.com/art/Full-Speed-Ahead-725342812


    While this scene wasn't animated with Paint.NET, everything else was done with it. The tanks, shrubs, ground, clouds, background, dust clouds, and tank animation frames were all done by hand in PDN, and it was then put into Game Maker: Studio and animated with the editor.


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  4. Thank you everyone!


    On 12/28/2017 at 12:26 AM, Joshua Lamusga said:

    The deep lavender to purple sunset is a gorgeous hue. Just looking at it is a serene experience.

    Challenge: I challenge you to make a realistic scene with drab lighting. It won't have silhouettes or high contrasts, and can't have a strong color theme without breaking realism. It's hard for most people and I can't do it really, so I think as most of your artwork takes advantage of contrasts and color schemes, this may prove to help you develop your ability to portray realism.


    Thanks Joshua!


    It sounds like a pretty hard challenge, I think I'll try doing it in 2018. No silhouettes or high contrasts will definitely be quite difficult. 


    Here's one last piece for 2017! This time, we're going to space.





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  5. Thanks guys! I'm glad you like it.


    I felt my previous scene set in Rio oozed a bit too much despair as @lynxster4 said, so here's a much brighter scene for the weekend. Still experimenting with colors and trying to get my scenes to look more realistic.





    I think this one goes pretty well with this music too.

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  6. On 11/21/2017 at 8:02 PM, lynxster4 said:

    Excellent @BlastWave  <3    This one oozes despair...    But I want to know what they're doing in that building that they need those big guns??   ;)

    Thank you Lynxster! As for why they need such heavy fire-power, perhaps it's just a deterrent or them being prepared for anything. ;)


    On 11/22/2017 at 11:15 AM, welshblue said:

    Fair play,  I think I said it here before - really can't remember, but I meant to ... but you've got an unique style to anything else here that is very pleasing to look at.


    Great perspective in the way the shanty town is laid out too

    Thanks Welshblue!


    On 11/22/2017 at 11:19 AM, Seerose said:

    <3 @BlastWave:trophy:  All the details in the background are great.  A wonderful job pieces. Thank you so much for sharing. :cake: :coffee:

    Thank you very much Seerose!


    On 11/22/2017 at 11:44 AM, Pixey said:

    @BlastWave - those 4 VW combies are just beautiful :D.  I also just noticed the submarine, which is very realistic.  Love those bubbles.  And this latest one is another masterpiece.  The trees, the building, the weapons ..... all excellent :star:

    Thanks Pixey! I'm glad you like it. :)


    Here's a quick piece I did of some guardsmen observing the morning fog over a bridge. Inspired by the Charles bridge in one of my favorite locations around the world: Prague.





    And happy (late) Thanksgiving everyone!

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  7. On 10/21/2017 at 1:05 PM, Pixey said:

    Yup - you can tell it's in Europe .............. all that pea soup fog :lol:.


    Seriously - this is an amazing piece.  So realistic - you did great :star:.  Love the VW combie as well :D

    Thank you Pixey! Since you liked the VW, here it is separate from the scene so you can see it in its full glory.




    On 10/21/2017 at 7:43 PM, AndrewDavid said:

    Awesome pic @BlastWave - Wish I had one of those to take onto the World of Tanks battlefield.

    Thanks Andrew!
    It'd be probably be a bit over-powered and would get nerfed after a week in the game.


    On 10/21/2017 at 11:17 PM, LionsDragon said:

    Oh wow...it looks like a photo! @BlastWave,  you need to have a chat with my hubby @DragonsLion. He loves Cold War history.

    Thank you LionsDragon!


    On 10/22/2017 at 12:25 PM, Seerose said:

    <3 @BlastWave


    :trophy: As always great work. Love your work. It's beautiful. Thank you so much. :cake: :coffee:

    Thank you Seerose! I'm glad you like it.


    On 10/22/2017 at 7:32 PM, lynxster4 said:

    That is sooo good!    :star:   Do tanks really look like big spiders?   My immediate thought was 'War of the Worlds'.  Excellent work!  :)

    In this universe, they certainly do! And thank you!


    On 10/28/2017 at 11:14 PM, Ego Eram Reputo said:

    Morning Patrol has been promoted to the Galleria. Congratulations @BlastWave!

    Thanks Ego Eram Reputo and @Josh L for the suggestion! I really appreciate it.


    Here's today's scene. After watching a documentary on submarines, I thought it would be fun to make a scene of a submersible, after a few hours I came up with this:




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  8. @LionsDragon Thanks! I am not in the military nor have served in it, but I spend a significant amount of time studying various photographs of military vehicles when designing these to make them as detailed as possible.


    @TrevorOutlaw Thank you for your kind words. :)


    Here's a scene I call "Hold The Line" where two heavy combat hardsuits of the 9th Mobile Guard Corps fight off some invading martian forces on the surface of Mars in the middle of the night.




    Here's one of the suits separate from the scene, alongside a space infantryman for scale.



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  9. 16 hours ago, barbieq25 said:

    Very nice! They remind me of sharks ready to strike :D

    Thank you! They do look a bit like sharks, now that I look at them.


    Here's a new scene. A Russian cosmonaut and his pet drone standby for a rescue helicopter next to his Vostok space capsule after a rough landing somewhere in Kazakhstan.


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