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  1. where is the zipped plugin file put? When I select your download lonk it opens a screen that asks to select a zupfile opener - but unzipper needs to know where it is? Its not in google drive which the URL says it is? Tks
  2. Hi Ive just started using paint.net. Everything else seems pretty standard to other software I have used except cropping. Normally having selected to crop - each edge of the highlighted cropping square/rectangle can be pulled in or out OR you can select to keep the shape to the existing ratio of the image. Does paint.net have a cropping tool that allows each side to be adjusted and or to select for the cropping box to remain at ratio BUT be able to select the whole box and to move that box around the image for exact placement.? Using the square tool (which an old thread says to use) - you get a cropping box but as far as I can see I cannot click on the box as a whole and move the box as a whole around the image - neither can I select edges individually and move them in or out seperately to the the other three edges. Is there a standard cropping method that I cannot find thanks (or another way that acheives the above requirements) Thank you Gre
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