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  1. Rick, investigated this a little further. If I have a FF image in the clipboard--even if not pasting it to PDN--then CTRL-N does not for me in PDN. Tried under Chrome (by copying an image) and do not have the same problem. Looks like a FF problem. Thanks, Clyde
  2. Rick, Love PDN and thank you. Unfortunately, 4.0.15 isn't working for me under Windows 10 on a Surface Pro 4, 16 GB RAM, 1TB HDD. 4.0.14 worked fine. When I try hitting CTRL-N in PDN, I get the typical blue spinning cursor but it never stops and PDN goes into a "NOT RESPONDING" state. Have tried re-starting and cold re-booting my system with no luck. Need to switch back to 4.0.14 Clyde W. Ford
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