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  1. Consider downloading and using Revo Uninstaller. It's Free. It does look for's uninstaller first, but then digs deeper to clean things buried in the registry. Also, consider reinstalling over itself. That may re-enable the broken element. Then try uninstalling via the control panel or Revo. I prefer Revo because it scrubs better.
  2. "Jumble" did indeed download from the pack after I checked later.. My apologies. I am appreciative of your patience. Thanks for your continued response.
  3. I can open that location, but the link to this does not allow me to download the jumble effect Jumble (Distort -> Jumble) Version 1.4
  4. I am using the beginner tutorials recommended to me by two of the Forum members. I am searching for the Jumble Effect and am directed to Curtis' Plugin Pack. When trying to open the link I am told the page cannot be found. Is there an alternate source? Is it discontinued? "Jumble (Distort -> Jumble) Version 1.4 jumble_small.png I can't see this plugin getting used a lot but I thought it was a cool idea, again, it was just something I wanted to do to get more familiar with Visual Studio and the plugin template. Basically all it does is jumble the image, you get to choose the amount of blocks and if you want, you can click Jumble to re-jumble the blocks." Again thanks for your help ahead of time.
  5. To both AndrewDavid and Maximilian: Thank you for these as a starting point. I will review them first. I am a reader of instructions, so good a following steps. However, like many of us I want to run before I can walk. This time I have decided that walking is the best choice. So I will open the "12 tuts" PDF and read it before trying to execute anything further. Thanks again to both of you.
  6. Thank you to all for the advice. I have been watching various beginner and advanced tutorials, and have seen the required plugins/effects included. I will take your reco's and add them individually as I go along. Most of the tutorials I have viewed have come by way of YouTube. A few have come via search with links to posts designed by Forum members. So, this is my last question regarding "beginner tutorials" that were actuality written/designed by our members. Does anyone have specific ones in mind, with a link? Again, Thx to toe_head2001 for the link to the Forum's plugin index.
  7. I have tried to read the guidelines and warnings first. I have noted that Meglo is a bad choice for the reasons the forum has cited. 1) Is there a set of basic plug-ins for styles and/or effects that a new user should download? 2) Has anyone in the forum compiled such a list? 3) If so, are they assembled into one downloadable source? 4) If not, can they be searched for and individually acquired via the forum index? 5) Are there are any special files that must be installed at the same time as a given effect is added? 6) Does the style/effect's author provide instructions or guidelines for the use of his/her style? I joined this forum initially to learn how to effectively use Possibly one day I might be a contributor. I hope I am using the proper terminology.
  8. Thank you for this initial info. Being new, I would ask for right forum thread to get some help with this. Once I am more familiar with the forum's way of doing things I will hopefully not need so much guidance. Again THX ChrisL. toe_head2001
  9. It is 4/12/17. I have just installed 4.0.15. What is the best and most recent package of plug-ins that provides a comprehensive set effects and files? Most of what I do is to assit with use of PowerDirector14 video editing. So I would like to add fancy titles, logos, pngs as masks. I am not an artist ( though I wish I were that talented). I have had trouble with Alpha Mask to make embossed and engraved lettering/titles. specifically this one