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  1. Binding Hex codes to keys.

    Yes Rick. That is essentially what it would be. Apologies if my question wasn't clear. Is it possible to do so? Thanks!
  2. Binding Hex codes to keys.

    So its convenient to select a color on the fly, instead of having to mouse over to select a particular color all the time.
  3. Hi, Quick question. Is it possible to bind hex codes to keys on our keyboard? If not, could I make a suggestion for this as a feature? Thanks!
  4. Ahh.. bloody potato. Anyway, hopefully these are some things that will be considered for future updates.
  5. Thanks for that tip BoltBait! What you've suggested is actually what I am currently doing with a sprite sheet I'm working on using classic MS Paint. However, since its a "factory" sheet which requires a massive canvas to work with, I was thinking that a palette window with the colors I want should be accessible on the call without having to copy and move an in-canvas palette throughout the canvas. I therefore present one more question which hopefully you, Ego or anyone else could answer. Is it possible to change the size of the colors window? Its a pretty useful window and works good but the window size is bothersome. Thanks! EDIT: Please note that I'm aware of the "More >>" and "Less <<" options which increase the size but do so by adding extra things rather than enlarging the size of the colors. I would just like to have the colors appear a bit more bigger like in BoltBait's image, only inside a window (I'm only using about 35 colors btw).
  6. Thanks for the reply Ego! 1. I shall heed your advice. 2. Noice. 3. Dammit! 4. Great! Though I was more hoping that I could select a color on a color swatch by pressing a key as opposed to clicking but I'm assuming that the limitation of not having custom short-cuts comes into play here. In any case, your input is much appreciated!
  7. Greetings! I have a few questions: 1) In the line tool, after I click, drag then release my left mouse button (MB hereafter), we get a sort of confirmation phase where the line has circles around it. We can finish the line by hitting Enter or starting a new line. Would it be possible to just have the tool draw the line and finish it automatically without any prompt (just like how it is in classic Ms Paint)? 2) Is there a way to zoom to default? Also, when zooming-out, how do we zoom-out by a large magnitude? When zooming-in with the left MB, the smaller the area, the larger the zoom, but this doesn't work when zooming-out with the right MB. Anyway to do a "big" zoom-out other than hitting the right MB repeatedly? 3) Does allow us to reconfigure short-cut keys? I doubt it but would like to ask for confirmation. 4) This is more of a "feature" question and is related to q.3. Is there anyway to bind a particular color to a specific key or combination? If not, would such a feature be a good suggestion for future updates? As someone who enjoys making pixel art and pixel shading, something like this would massively improve workflows imo. ALSO: Would anyone know if some other program would have this feature? I've tried looking around but have found a feature like this to be non-existent. Additionally, if someone has suggestions to improve workflows with pixel shading, particularly with respect to selecting colors, I'd like to hear it. Thanks for any kind of input!