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  1. Installer crash

    I started to realize that myself. The new drive arrived (it works significantly better than my old one) so I just decided to put a fresh install of Windows on it instead of copying over the other one. Immediately I installed Paint.NET and it works fine now. I think it is safe to say that there was so much potentially broken on my computer that it was no fault of the program. I was even able to get the proper graphics drivers this time. So in the end.... this didn't amount to much really did it? Thanks for all the help everyone, sorry that it ended up being that much of a disaster.
  2. Installer crash

    Alright so this is something that may be good information now that I have looked into that error. I am using a relatively old AMD motherboard with integrated graphics and the drivers don't exactly... work. They never have, the Catalyst Control Center/VISION control center (which is a graphics settings menu that comes with the drivers) can't recognize it and the automatic driver installer can't detect what it is either. I tried to get the correct drivers and it seems like I did but from what I can find that error may be due to improper drivers. I am getting an actual graphics card today with that HDD (Yes, I ordered exactly those two things, somehow they both became relevant) and will have it installed tomorrow. Maybe, just maybe, that will fix all this. ...or not, nothing with this has made much sense so far.
  3. Installer crash

    I really would have upgraded to an SSD but I found a 1TB HDD with really good transfer rates on a nice sale (only like 30$) so I just went with that. Will get back to you in a bit after trying out safe mode (too many things open right now so it will be a few minutes) UPDATE: Alright so tried it out in safe mode and everything was the same except for one thing: The error depicted in the attached image displayed after the first window closed. As soon as I clicked "ok" it opened up the second window for a brief second as it does normally. This error is in some way related to the installation failure from what I can tell.
  4. Installer crash

    I double checked the default installation path, its fine. I installed some other software to confirm this. What I did find though is the installation is taxing on my hard drive (taking the usage up to 100% on the task manager) which may be a problem. The issues that I mentioned that caused me to fresh install windows were due to the hard drive finally dying out (my new one arrives tonight) so it may just be that my HDD can't handle the installation. Also I tried taking the old program files folder from before the reset and just running the application from there with no results.
  5. Installer crash

    Is there a way for me to get it in a zip or something? Just cut out the installer altogether?
  6. Installer crash

    Yeah, I made that mistake a few years back when I built a new computer. From then on it's been the first thing I check.
  7. Installer crash

    Normally I do but as I mention in the original post, I just barely installed Windows again about a week ago so I am still working on getting everything settled.
  8. Installer crash

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2swzO4PWb9NSFRfNk9Qb2U3dWs That is an FLV screen recording of the entire process for me (zipped of course)
  9. Installer crash

    Didn't work, but I did find something that might help, the last message in the box that appears when you click "show detail" says the following: "OutputFolder: C:\users\[myname]\Appdata\Local\Temp\PdnSetup" Probably useless but you never know, I might try to screen record the whole process if you think it would help
  10. Installer crash

    That was for the C++ distribution. Yes I am getting Paint.NET from that page
  11. Installer crash

    4. Paint.NET was not listed so I click "Not Listed" the troubleshooter then loads for a moment before stating that it detects no error. 5. Downloaded the distro (I chose the x64 version, to match my OS) and once the install begins it ends with the error that it is already installed, just to be safe I uninstall it and reboot my computer then reinstall. Still no luck (on getting the Paint.NET installer to work) 6. Same sort of deal, already installed, uninstall and reboot, reinstall and test, no luck 7. Didn't work 8. Even though I had not seen that error I ran the tool just to be safe, the results are in the attached image EDIT: When I ran that diagnostic tool it did open the MSI and start the installer (same way as if I had just clicked the installer) but as soon as its done with the extracting and closes that initial window. That error pops up.
  12. Installer crash

    That was actually the first place I checked, I just forgot to mention that in the post (sorry)
  13. So after 6 days of attempted troubleshooting I think it is a good time to put out a thread detailing the issue to see if there is anyone who can help. Recently, I had to do a fresh reinstall of windows (hard drive issues, not important) and I had very little backed up so I needed to install Paint.NET from scratch. I had none of the .NET framework or C++ redistributables at the time but I had hoped that it would install them. Once the installer started it began extracting the files as normal, but once it completed it closed the window to open the wizard (like normal, again) but instead of loading the next step of installation it opens up a blank/empty window for a brief second (too brief to read the header) and closes. That has been the result every time for everything I have tried so far. Below I will list everything I have attempted over the last several days with no success: -Installing .NET framework (every version, and the newest on separate attempts) manually -Running all the different .NET cleanup tools and resources that are listed on the threads that I found (will list them at the end) -Following every instruction on the threads listed at the end -Fully uninstalling .NET and reinstalling it (every version) -Running the installer in several permutations of the compatibility settings (Run in compatibility mode for Win7, run as Administrator automatically, etc.) -Rebooting my computer dozens of times And here is some basic information as well: -I had the software working before the hard drive wipe, I used it daily as it is needed for my current project -I am running Windows 10 -My account is an administrator (it is also the only account on the computer) -This is the only software that I have been unable to reinstall after the fresh windows install -Paint.NET never appears in the "Installed Programs" menu or any other similar display on Windows -Never has been a crash report or a notice of a program failing to run Any help at all would be greatly appreciated, I have already lost a good couple days on my project due to not being able to use the software so the sooner I can get it running the better. I can supply any needed information.