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  1. Legends of an Ancient City Sprites

    Sorry, I didn't see you posted. I had not seen it, but now I'm going to download it! Thanks!
  2. Legends of an Ancient City Sprites

    I'm about 90% sure we already use .png. I only use .gifs when making an animation. Is that what you are speaking of? If so, is there a way to make a .png move?
  3. Legends of an Ancient City Sprites

    The last one is Sigurd the dragon-slayer, btw.
  4. Legends of an Ancient City Sprites

    OK, this was once a lot longer but I now have figured out how to make a GIF a pic. So, thank you very much for your advice, and I will base the reconstruction of the sprite off yours. In fact, I'm using the same pic, if that's OK. One thing I am changing is the quality, to make it less blurry, but that's ok, you were just trying to show me something. And thank you for doing so! You ahem enlightened me greatly, I do better actually seeing things, especially something based off the thing I did...if that makes any sense. So, thanks, and I will post the new one here soon.
  5. Legends of an Ancient City Sprites

    I checked a photo myself, but I suppose I did not study it well enough. From what I saw, the legs were actually longer than the head and body, but I forgot to check when I finished it. I'll check again, but I'm going to have to try to convince myself that I need to redo it. Right now, I feel like I don't want to, just because I'm lazy and already finished several Aztec humans, which I can't show here because they were not made in
  6. Legends of an Ancient City Sprites

    I just edited the human, you an now see it on the page. Are the legs now too long, or are they fine? Don't be afraid to tell me! Also, I took off the walking animation since it conflicted with the new human.
  7. Legends of an Ancient City Sprites

    OK, thanks again! We'll get this done soon enough, but it may be a while.
  8. Legends of an Ancient City Sprites

    I already edited it and don't really want to change it back if it may be wrong in the slightest. Thank you, though, and your first comment was appreciated!
  9. Legends of an Ancient City Sprites

    OK, I'll edit the post to make it less of an advertisement.
  10. Legends of an Ancient City Sprites

    Sorry, didn't think about that. So how do I delete it?
  11. Legends of an Ancient City Sprites

    Thank you, I will take note of that and I'm sure it will be completed before release!
  12. Legends of an Ancient City Sprites

    Technically we are amateurs, which is why we need help. I'm sure the artist would be OK with editing, but he's got a job and school both, so not much free time. I guess I could assist, since I don't have a real job yet, but I am a less experienced digital artist. Also, please don't call my brother lazy. I can understand criticism, but please avoid "name-calling" for lack of a better term. I will work on the legs if my brother does not, so that will help it for one. Thanks guys, anyways, for your suggestions. Sorry if I came across as blunt, but the whole purpose of this post was for physical assistance, preferably by somebody that is a pro 2D artist. However, that doesn't mean I don't want constructive criticism!
  13. Legends of an Ancient City Sprites

    OK, I'll tell their author that. I'm sure it can be arranged.
  14. Legends of an Ancient City Sprites

    I'm not sure how to reply to individual comments, so I'm just starting a new one to reply to you. Thanks for being constructive in your criticism, but we've got a system so that all the sprites are coordinated. 72 pixels is one meter, so the sprites are a little under two meters. And if you were referring to the animations, then I can say they'll be a lot more speedy when they do it. I hope that justifies them. Also, the one who sprited this is sick of redoing, we've had to change our sprites many times, even after he did almost all the ancient to almost present-day Iraqis/Uruks/Babylonians/Seleucids. So, if you have anything you'd add to them, can you let me know? Other than the pixel ratio, that is probably going to stay the same for at least a while. And trust me, they once were a lot worse. Once, the pixels were 16 pixels per meter, if that tells you something! :-P
  15. Legends of an Ancient City Sprites

    These are my some sprites for the game I am working on that are done in Enjoy, I will hopefully do more! P.s. To learn more, the best place to look is the wiki: