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  1. I am using a framework that does silent installations. (Yes I've read the FAQs and I'm very good with installers!) While I can solve this issue by manually pre-creating the MSI and passing that into the framework, there is no fun in the easy way out! And I seem to have uncovered an issue with the shim installer in creating the msi folder, when run in the framework. (I can't talk about the framework itself as that's under NDA with someone). The issue appears to be that the framework is not running the installer under a typical user account but via local system. This means that attempts to create the folder to hold the msi installer files fail because it is running in session 0. When this happens, the install rolls back and the log file just indicates an error -1. Is there a reason not to create this folder from the working directory of the shim (in the temp folder) rather than on the desktop? Or at lease allow a command line argument to specify the location for CREATEMSI to drop the files? Tim_