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  1. lol This worked It's working perfectly. No downgrade Thanks guys ^.^
  2. xD no problem I did everything on PDN but a few days ago this ''problem'' began to happen Auto-Detect? =v How?
  3. Thanks ^.^ =/ look closely please the shadow on her cheek 2016 = Clean and smooth image 2017 = Some kind a blur with little dots
  4. ...idk =/ That's never happened before You guys really can't see the stitches on her cheek?
  5. I do not know if it was a update or something that i did... There are some kind a downgrade appearing in my PNG files example: Can you see the difference in quality? There are some dots appearing and I do not know why =/ This started a few days ago this ''downgrade'' only affects the PNG files Does anyone have any ideas?