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  1. I came across this post when I got the error message that "Paint.net requires that the Platform Update for Windows is [sic] installed." When I saw that this was KB2670838 I rolled my eyes. Indeed I have blocked this update from appearing on my Windows update list years ago (it somehow got reinstalled anyway, so I had to banish it again, which is when I discovered that PDN stopped working the next time I tried to run it). There are indeed many problems with the KB2670838 update (I search for the details whenever I need to find them by Googling "evil update," if that's a clue!) In my
  2. Rick, couldn't see xod's video (guess he removed it once you saw it), but here is my screen-capture video that shows the problem on the actual editing task that inspired me to file this post. I've reduce the screen-capture video resolution to 720x404 to reduce the file size to <2 MB so it can be attached directly, but you can clearly see the problem. The first minute of the 2-min video shows the problem, the second minute shows a workaround using the union mode of the lasso select tool. My suggestion, which I try to explain verbally at around 0'35" is that (a) auto-scroll not zi
  3. (Using old-fashioned > for quotes to avoid clutter. All quotes are from BoltBait's last post) > We now have nearly zero daily posts about installing plugins... I'm never going back to the dark ages. Deal. Ok, deal. Was a minor point, and certainly appreciate the counter-argument. >> 2. A "Reset All" button > Not possible, sorry. This is a limitation of the paint.net indirect ui system. But could have sworn I've seen it in others. Yes, in fact the Shadow/Highlight Reduction Plugin has a Reset button that resets all 3 sliders (in the Advanc
  4. OK done! Downloaded current Combined Effects, played with it, and even felt ready to provide my wishlist for it! I posted that here as a response to the BoltBait's Plugin Pack thread.
  5. Installed the 4.6 pack at your suggestion on my thread on Need Multiple Adjustment or Effect Controls active simultaneously. Here are my hopefully constructive comments and suggestions, but only on the "Combined Adjustments" plugin (except for Item 1). INSTALLATION 1. Perhaps just my paranoia, but it would be nice to have the option of just copying the appropriate files into the appropriate sub-directories of the Paint.net installation, i.e., a zip file of the actual files to be copied along with a short readme file on where to put each one. I just don't like to run .exe files
  6. Yes, it's definitely too fast as well (though with a limit on how much it scrolls like my proposed 20% the speed would no longer be a problem), but just slowing it down isn't the solution. Primarily, the mouse position MUST scroll with the image and secondarily it has to be prevented from over-scrolling. The standard Windows scroll-bars are always there for cases where you really do want to scroll "fast and furious."
  7. Currently, if I am using a paintbrush or pencil tool, and draw close to the edge of the displayed image (which is zoomed so that only part of the image is displayed), auto-scroll kicks in and rapidly moves the image (and furthermore doesn't stop unless I back off from the edge or it reaches the edge of the image). This results in a LONG unintended and undesired horizontal or vertical line from my drawing tool that I then have to undo and try again after re-positioning and/or zooming out. Even worse is if I am using a lasso selection tool, where my painstaking tracing of a detailed
  8. Thanks, appreciate that offer! Let me take a look at your "Combined Effects" and also Tanel's "Basic Adjustments." They definitely help, but for sure I'll have others to add to the list, including at least the following that don't seem to be on either of those: - Color Temperature (that you were kind enough to code for me recently on a separate thread) - Shadow/Highlight Recovery (I downloaded the standalone plugin for that) - White Point and Black Point (built-in--though still scratching my head trying to understand the separate input vs. output controls on that) in additi
  9. As a new paint.net user, I'm trying to replace Microsoft Photo Gallery (aka Windows Live Photo Gallery) so I have access to the more powerful features of paint.net. One unfortunate hitch I've run into, which for me is a major limitation, is the apparent (and surprising to me) inability of paint.net to have multiple adjustment windows open at once. If I want to adjust both Brightness/Contrast and Hue/Saturation, for example, I cannot have both those controls open at once so I can iterate between them. I have to close one before I open the other. For example, when I adjus
  10. Yes, works great. Thanks again. Since you ask, for me it clearly belongs in the Adjustments menu since the similar linear color modifications like Hue/Saturation are there, and it is intended to correct an image, not add an artifact. Effects seem to have, appropriately, mostly enhancements to add effects not in the original picture (with the notable exception of Red Eye, but that is a non-linear adjustment at least). Either way, it's a minor point, just happy to have it.
  11. Indeed this one works with the colors changing as expected (notwithstanding apparently different algorithm used by WLPG)! And indeed more sensitive too, which solves my other problem. Thanks (and for the link too)!! May I suggest posting in the Plugins section, notwithstanding that it's simple? It's a pretty useful adjustment.
  12. Thanks BoltBait, but the effect isn't what the Color Temperature control in WLPG does (and it doesn't have the desired effect in actual use either). You're increasing red and decreasing blue for "warmer," and the reverse for "cooler," but what WLPG does is not quite as simple. E.g., it is asymmetric (warmer and cooler are not the inverse of each other) and non-linear (intensity of adjustment of R/G/B are not linear with level of warming/cooler applied). There is even some (but very small) cross-correlation between what the level of one channel is to the effect of adjustment on the other channe
  13. Background: I have been using Windows Live Photo Gallery (WLPG) for most of my simple photo editing as it has everything I need for global editing (no layers, no selecting portions of an image for editing). Have recently started using Paint.net (PN) for more complicated tasks. Problem: Have been able to find the equivalent of most of WLPG features in PN, with the notable exception of Color Temperature adjustment. Sure, I could play around with Level, Curves, Hue/Saturation and finally get what I want (and then some), but very often, a single-slider Color Temperature control is all
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