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  1. I came across this post when I got the error message that "Paint.net requires that the Platform Update for Windows is [sic] installed." When I saw that this was KB2670838 I rolled my eyes. Indeed I have blocked this update from appearing on my Windows update list years ago (it somehow got reinstalled anyway, so I had to banish it again, which is when I discovered that PDN stopped working the next time I tried to run it). There are indeed many problems with the KB2670838 update (I search for the details whenever I need to find them by Googling "evil update," if that's a clue!) In my
  2. (Using old-fashioned > for quotes to avoid clutter. All quotes are from BoltBait's last post) > We now have nearly zero daily posts about installing plugins... I'm never going back to the dark ages. Deal. Ok, deal. Was a minor point, and certainly appreciate the counter-argument. >> 2. A "Reset All" button > Not possible, sorry. This is a limitation of the paint.net indirect ui system. But could have sworn I've seen it in others. Yes, in fact the Shadow/Highlight Reduction Plugin has a Reset button that resets all 3 sliders (in the Advanc
  3. Installed the 4.6 pack at your suggestion on my thread on Need Multiple Adjustment or Effect Controls active simultaneously. Here are my hopefully constructive comments and suggestions, but only on the "Combined Adjustments" plugin (except for Item 1). INSTALLATION 1. Perhaps just my paranoia, but it would be nice to have the option of just copying the appropriate files into the appropriate sub-directories of the Paint.net installation, i.e., a zip file of the actual files to be copied along with a short readme file on where to put each one. I just don't like to run .exe files
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