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  1. Is there no way to reselect a line of text to make edits to it? I feel like there should be a way but I can't find it... If there is any shortcut or plugin for this to work I would be eternally grateful for it. There have been numerous times where I want to edit the text layer but have to delete the layer entirely and redo it. :(
  2. I hope that makes sense... I want to make an image 100% opaque on one end and 0% opaque on the other end. Is there a way to do this? I can't seem to find anything online or by exploring paint.
  3. I saw this plugin when I searched but it looked like a handful. I will have to give it a try, thank you so much! I will have to try this as well. Thank you!
  4. Hmm. Well thank you! Maybe I will have to try those.
  5. Those are neat. They're not what I'm looking for though I tested both
  6. I'd like something that draws symmetrical in maybe 6 or 8 ways. I have looked online and found sumopaint, which I like but it doesn't work right and I prefer paint.net. It's much smoother. Is there something similar to this for Paint.net?
  7. @Eli That may work! I will have to try that... Might still be difficult though. I will have to try. Thanks!!
  8. @Ego Eram Reputo that would be a good idea, looks like upscaling it diffuses the colors a bit. Might make it difficult to tell the colors apart still.
  9. @Pixey Maybe that gridline will help a bit. I will check that out, thanks! @MJW Hmm let me try to explain. So the images I posted are what I want to use to create a piece of wall art with colored beads (perlers) with each pixel being 1 bead. The image is 96x131 which means there will be 12,576 beads used. I made the image with paint.net by reducing the pixels and using TR's Custom Pallete Matcher. I think I have 45 or 48 colors of perlers so I used that for my palette. The finished product will be 17.1in x 25in roughly. Most patterns for perlers you get online have a grid like this. So that helps. I have also produced larger project patterns with another program that labels each square with a number that corresponds to numbers I have set for my perler colors. (example here) So I would like to find something that can do something similar. The program I used is just caller Perler, here is the link. Maybe that helped..? @ReMake That doesn't look like it labels each section. I am working with pixels and small beads, I don't think it will help much. :c Thank you though! I was always interested in how to get that look with photos. I will have to try it with my photography.
  10. So I do perler art and I have found this program is perfect for me but that it's hard for me to place beads down without grids and color labels since some are really similar. The attached photos are two projects I want to do that don't work like I want them to with another program I use. Each pixel is 1 bead. Is it possible to maybe upscale and label colors while still having a grid? Or something else that may help?
  11. So there's no way to replace that palette with one I've already made? I made a palette that includes every color of perler beads, if you've heard of them. So I would want to have those 45 colors be the only colors in the image.
  12. Ah I figured it out, thank you! I can't seem to find a way to use a specific palette for the reduced colors.