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  1. Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally got the water reflection plugin to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks everyone for your help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hey Madjik, these instructions below do not work. Copied and pasted form your original posting at the top of this string. ( You have three ways to download this pack: 1. Here is the ZIP for plugin manager Pack of DLLs 2. Here is the ZIP Pack of DLLs 3. Or you could follow the links below one by one plugin per plugin…) ...what links???
  3. Hi Pixey. Closing and restarting PDN does bot work either:(: Thanks so much for your input though, much appreciated. I may empty all the effects and start over again as suggested by Ego Eram Reputo
  4. Hello again. So I downloaded the new Water Reflection DLL you provided on page one of this discussion and it is clearly in my effects folder but still, it will NOT load into the distort drop-down window in the program:(:( ps. what is your real name??:):)
  5. Oh, and how can you see that it is an old one I'm using?
  6. Hi Pixey. Bruce Bowen again. The screenshots from my issues with the water reflection plugin are from Paint.neet and are copied into Windows Paint. No matter what I do that plugin will not populate into the "distort" drop-down window. I have the classic version as far as I can tell. What to do???:(:(

    water reflection plugin.png

    Not here.jpg

    1. Pixey


      Have you seen the message from @toe_head2001 to say that you need to update the Plugin?

  7. Hi again. Still having issues with the "water Reflection" plugin. It's in the effects folder in my paint.net folder but when I open the program it does NOT show up!!:(:(:( Now, I will say that I have two "effects" folders in the paint.net folder but the water reflection plugin is in BOTH:) Could that be the problem and if so, how do I correct it?? Thanks....anyone and everyone:)!!!
  8. Hi Pixey. I have tried using the wet floor reflection plugin and when I do I see absolutely no effects in whatever image I am using it in. Totally ineffective. I have used the water reflection plugin in the past and it worked fine and yes, I have restarted Paint.net before trying to use it and it is NOT in the dropdown list as shown in my screenshot image. I'm at a loss:(:a
  9. The plugin will not populate into the "effects" "distort" drop down window in the program section no matter how many times I try.:(:(
  10. My daughter gave me a color palette to use for a new abstract render for her. How do I save the 9 colors she chose and access them without setting the color individually for each one from the color wheel which is so time consuming???):) Please help me:):) I'm not even sure how to get back to this forum to see any answers. Do I come back to here?:
  11. That picture is way to small to evaluate. You can find it here: http://www.caedes.net/Zephir.cgi?lib=Caedes::Infopage&image=Flmngseabass-1514444688.jpg Thanks. Bruce Bowen.
  12. Thanks John for the HELIX plugin. Here's a recent abstract I made using it!!! Have a great day:)
  13. Thanks a ton Eli. Much appreciated. One more question. I need one more plugin called "Enhance Image" or "Enhance Photo"' one or the other- in the Photo section. Anyone know where to find it?
  14. I was using a old version of P.N before I got a new PC and I now have the latest version of P.N but I had a mirror plugin that allowed to mirror 'top over bottom; left over right; bottom over top; and right over left. I cannot find it anywhere. Anyone know about this and can you help me find it??:)
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