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  1. Hi Pixey. I have tried using the wet floor reflection plugin and when I do I see absolutely no effects in whatever image I am using it in. Totally ineffective. I have used the water reflection plugin in the past and it worked fine and yes, I have restarted Paint.net before trying to use it and it is NOT in the dropdown list as shown in my screenshot image. I'm at a loss:(:a
  2. The plugin will not populate into the "effects" "distort" drop down window in the program section no matter how many times I try.:(:(
  3. My daughter gave me a color palette to use for a new abstract render for her. How do I save the 9 colors she chose and access them without setting the color individually for each one from the color wheel which is so time consuming???):) Please help me:):) I'm not even sure how to get back to this forum to see any answers. Do I come back to here?:
  4. That picture is way to small to evaluate. You can find it here: http://www.caedes.net/Zephir.cgi?lib=Caedes::Infopage&image=Flmngseabass-1514444688.jpg Thanks. Bruce Bowen.
  5. Thanks John for the HELIX plugin. Here's a recent abstract I made using it!!! Have a great day:)
  6. Thanks a ton Eli. Much appreciated. One more question. I need one more plugin called "Enhance Image" or "Enhance Photo"' one or the other- in the Photo section. Anyone know where to find it?
  7. I was using a old version of P.N before I got a new PC and I now have the latest version of P.N but I had a mirror plugin that allowed to mirror 'top over bottom; left over right; bottom over top; and right over left. I cannot find it anywhere. Anyone know about this and can you help me find it??:)
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