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  1. Challenges - Update to Visual Studio yesterday that resolved 1 bug that I saw - followed by an update to windows while working with an Alpha version of Paint.Net. Today I figured out another problem. Don't have Paint open before you open Visual Studio. Seems OK if you open after. I was trying to open form designer, but kept getting an error. It was because Paint.Net was running in the background and put locks on the assemblies VS was trying to use. PS I remember those cards. Long before anyone heard of DOS. 😊
  2. Thanks @midora You just lit the lightbulb. In the dialogue box (Base Output Path) in properties. I thought that was for where I wanted the plug to go. Now the "Copy Path" makes sense to me. And it was! 😊
  3. @null54 I'm getting the plugin copied to Effects. I'm asking about all the folders VS is creating.
  4. Hi @Rick Brewster One of the features you introduced was loading sub folders (I thought you said one) as part of the load process. I just want to know if this is correct. Should only one load or all sub-folders? All sub-folders are being loaded. I have been looking for an answer to this question for a few days. When I build my project in Visual Studio 2022 (Preview), regardless of whether its debug or release, VS creates sub-folders to the effect folder titled "Debug" and "Release". Inside the "Debug" folder is a complete copy of all the references of my project. I noticed this back when I was doing the trace commands, and removed them prior to running the command. You can imagine the load time it takes if I don't remove them. Am I missing something? This may be a noobie question. Is there a way to prevent these folders from being created? Is this just normal behavior? Seems overkill to me. Your help is appreciated.
  5. When I click on the link, this is what I see; The only thing I have done on Google is Create 1 Google Doc.
  6. @BobdotI Just use the Rectangle Selection - fill with your color, then Move Selection to another area, fill with color, repeat until you are done. Hope this helps.
  7. I just love free software 😊 Just think or it as my contribution to the community. It may not be perfect, but its a giant step for me. Now that I have the v4.3 Alpha installed , I needed a working template to learn more about creating plugins. Until I read that walkthrough, I wouldn't of had a clue about creating forms. You can only do the "Hello World" so many times. Microsoft does a great job describing the C# Language but I'm only interested in building libraries for Paint.NET. Don' expect anything soon though. PS I won't mention the absence of codelab.
  8. Look for the Template in my repository for download. Hope I hear some feedback. I would base the walk through for creating an effect on this template. https://github.com/AndrewDavid007/GoodStarryNight
  9. @Rick Brewster Go get them https://github.com/AndrewDavid007/VancouverIsHome/tree/Stash
  10. None taken. Not available yet for my installation. Yes they worked fine in VS2019. Totally different screens in VS2022(Preview) Before you learn to bake- you have to learn how to use an oven 😊
  11. Eureka - I solved it. Just don't ask me how. Now about that Debug error concerning linking the executable. Entering new territory now.
  12. OK - So I took your suggestion and started at square One. However I still have a few issues. Of course I posted the project to GitHub for your perusal. https://github.com/AndrewDavid007/2022Template First of all, when I started the create new project, I selected; Windows Forms Class Library (C# / Windows / Desktop / Library) Was that correct? When using the code from the original template, I still had the same errors. Rather than trying to debug them, I just left the EffectPlugin.cs blank This allowed me to get successful builds after adding addition items. I did a lot of copy and paste to build the solution. The interface is different now in Net 5.0. I could not find where to link it to the executable. It prompted me to add it as a project to the solution and make it the startup project. There has to be another way, adding Paint.Net as a project seemed strange. I wouldn't even know how to do that. I was able to link the project to the executable through the debug settings before. I did export the project as a template though. Its just missing all that code from EffectPlugin.cs Talk about a learning curve, I just need to learn how to code. But that's another project.
  13. @Rick Brewster Success this time. New video driver installed, then rebooted. AfterReboot.zip My Effects are too big (I know that). Tried sorting them into 3 zip files. Still too big. G'Mic and PSD files and 550 plugins make for a big load. This trace should show you how long it took to load. Don't think I'm complaining. You have the other trace for second load and the difference is incredible.
  14. Still need help. Step D6 in the walkthrough, "Double click on the file named EffectPluginConfigDialog.cs in the Solution Explorer window. Unable to build due to errors in EffectPlugin.cs Line 42 : base(EffectPlugin.StaticName, EffectPlugin.StaticImage, EffectPlugin.StaticSubMenuName, EffectFlags.Configurable) EffectFlags.Configurable => new EffectOptions() { Flags = EffectFlags.Configurable } If I change to Solution1 : base(EffectPlugin.StaticName, EffectPlugin.StaticImage, EffectPlugin.StaticSubMenuName,new EffectOptions() { Flags = EffectFlags.Configurable }) It does not resolve the error. Tells me to add reference to System.Drawing.Common When I do that, I just get another error on Line 30 public static Bitmap StaticImage { get { return Properties.Resources.Icon; } } "Bitmap" exists in 2 References System.Drawing System.Drawing.Common If I remove 1 - well you know how it goes - more errors. Could it be its because I am referencing net 4.8 instead of the 4.6 mentioned in the walkthrough (I don't really think so)
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