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  1. Ok, thanks for answer about history. Thank You very, very much for trying to recreate texture and showing every step You've made (You even cared to take screenshots!), I really appreciate it. About Your texture final effect, it's...... even better than before! I love how the details (belts, chainmail, etc.) are highlited, looks like You have expierience in 2D, Thanks once more! I will save and use Your steps on other images I will credit You in mod credits too, no worries Thanks once more for quick help! Take care!
  2. Hi. Yesterday I was working in Paint.net and forgotten to write history of what I've done. Now, I need to set a same filter to a many different images (red-phantom enemies filter in a game that I'm modding). So, is there any possibility to recall lost history? Or is it lost forever? Thank You. Still, if not, maybe someone have idea how to recreate my work as similar as is it possible? Can't upload to attachment, too large size. I'm sending tga files to mediafire in .zip archive, and jpeg on postimg. (I'm working on tga files) I remember something with Color balance + plugin and brightness for sure I've done... http://www.mediafire.com/file/92nyboa6h733ss3/Metal4_Diffuse.rar Original Edited Thank You.
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