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  1. @null54 thank you very much for this clarification. Everything is working fine now. To be clear on the file locations: "C:\Program Files\\Effects\TwainProxy.exe" "C:\Program Files\\Effects\TwainablePlus.dll"
  2. @null54: I now have the Twainable files in all possible directories: and nevertheless do not achieve any result. File - Import - from scanner or camera results in the following window showing one single WIA device only (which even is not present in the current Network): However, when selecting a Twain source Xnview Shows the following Options: I Need to connect to the blue marked Epson device. Again: how to get Twainable to work properly? P.S. I now set "notify me of replies" for this Forum. Hopefully it will not take me as long as the last time to respond. Additionally I do hope that embedding of screenshots using NicPostHosts does work, I never have used it before. Currently in editing mode the screenshots are only a square presentation of a larger image. In any case, thank you for your support.
  3. @null54: I copied the files (TwainablePlus.dll, TwainProxy.exe) to where I think you might have intended them to go: C:\Program Files\\Effects and C:\Program Files\\Effects\Tools\Twainable+ (I have the files in both locations now) then I start and look for something available in Go to File>Acquire>From Scanner or Camera but only see the one scanner with a WIA driver as I saw it before installing your files. What I do not see is any of the scanners with a network TWAIN driver in the network. And of course I do not have access to the UI you mention. What do I do wrongly, or what do i expect wrongly interpreting your words?