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  1. How do you build this from scratch? Full disclosure, I'm not much of a shape drawer. How is the shading of the blades done? It seems they selected the white portion around the blades and did a Gaussian Blur; maybe.. Is there any way to change the color of this to a custom color leaving the Gaussian blur in tact?


  2. Scripting: PDN has Scriptlab, and I played around with it a little, but couldn't get it to advance the ball. In Monolithic, I would like to advance the Yaw by one, paste into new layer, re-open Monolithic, and repeat say; 87 times lol. Is that possible? Maybe I should go check out Blender. With a few tweaks Monolithic would be really good at this. The shortcut at the top of effects that gets created that says "Repeat Monolithic" would repeat the advancing of Yaw would be awesome, but it doesn't. Thoughts.

  3. I really want a 4D version where you see the back, but just what I can manage with TR's Monolithic is what i'll settle for the time being.  A little tweaking, and that program would be really good at making Gifs. I did manage to edit my font which saved the project. I used Glypher Studio, and it was really really easy. I couldn't figure out font forge, or birdfont. I had to convert the file back to TTF for TRMonolithic to recognize the font.


    Like this:




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  4. Dang Joshua! You just went full professor on it. I appreciate you doing all that, I gained a lot of knowledge. I'm having issues with the drawing and deleting of lines. I can draw them fine, but how you select only the bottom sections and delete i can't figure out. I have managed to select the entire X pattern with the crossbar on top, but whenever I do delete, it leaves a pattern behind where the lines were. It may be related to the wand tool's Global, Flood and the union functions, as I don't really know how to use them properly. 

  5. I found these images, and I would like for my phone interface to look similar. I know how to draw out the oval buttons. I don't know how to create the bottom part with the round button and the two buttons on either side with the spacing, and the beveling. And that glowing red button in the circle how was that done?  And the shading, Not necessarily the diagonal slash, but the buttons appear to be shaded. The last image with the red marble laserbeam thing going on is the background i wish to use. I want my buttons more pointed, and the outline the same color as that red in that image. The red in that image isn't just the color red right? It has some kind of gloss effect on top of it?




  6. No, I would like to make a button to use for my HSTouch (Homeseer) Client Interface. I need buttons that say Garage, Living Room, Bedroom etc. I was thinking have the button transparent but try to magnify the background/wallpaper dynamically. I don't think that's possible but I could be wrong. Or, more feasible would be to have the button names appear as if the button itself is a magnifying glass.

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