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  1. This is an excellent resource about how to write an effects plugin using CodeLab, and I'm very grateful for it. However, while this is a great starting point, it only talks about using Visual Studio as an afterthought. And it doesn't describe the object model that PDN makes available nor the functions that can be written. And it doesn't mention the other two kinds of plugins at all.
  2. In which section exactly does it talk about (a) what types of plugins can get created, (b) how to do so? I've looked through all of them, and used Google, and not found it.
  3. Where can I find the official plugin developer documentation, that shows exactly what API my DLL has to make available to PDN, and exactly what PDN objects are available for me to use? The description of all the data types? Also I'm interesting in developing every kind of plugin, not just effects plugins. Googling just leads me to tons of sites distributing unauthorized plugin packs.
  4. Steps to reproduce: 1. Create an image 2. Selection tool, select an area 3. Switch to another app -- PDN is completely in the background and should be idle., instead it maxes out the CPU
  5. Nullcheck added, square root added (oopsy), and plugin is working now! Thanks a million! Just wishing PDN had plugins for blend modes between layers, so I didn't have to use the clipboard as an intermediary
  6. Wait, I need to have an image on my clipboard while I am developing the plugin?! Never thought of that.
  7. Arrrgh! Now it happens immediately when I open CodeLab! Here's my code in progress. Does it crash when you open it in codelab? CompareWithClipboard.cs
  8. Happened again. Still in the editor, not using shift-arrowkeys this time. The first symptom was a warning int he "Compile Errors" pane about a a NullReferenceException in System.Drawing.Rect but before I could copy it down, the whole app crashed out.
  9. Hi, I got a crash in CodeLab 2.18 with latest Paint.net I was in the editor, holding down shift-uparrow to extend the selection to previous lines.
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