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  1. Nullcheck added, square root added (oopsy), and plugin is working now! Thanks a million! Just wishing PDN had plugins for blend modes between layers, so I didn't have to use the clipboard as an intermediary
  2. Wait, I need to have an image on my clipboard while I am developing the plugin?! Never thought of that.
  3. Arrrgh! Now it happens immediately when I open CodeLab! Here's my code in progress. Does it crash when you open it in codelab? CompareWithClipboard.cs
  4. Happened again. Still in the editor, not using shift-arrowkeys this time. The first symptom was a warning int he "Compile Errors" pane about a a NullReferenceException in System.Drawing.Rect but before I could copy it down, the whole app crashed out.
  5. Hi, I got a crash in CodeLab 2.18 with latest Paint.net I was in the editor, holding down shift-uparrow to extend the selection to previous lines.
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