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  1. Hi, Is it possible to develop a plugin that will add a new selection (selection box) with specific width and height on a specific position? I cannot find a way to add a new selection. -- Berthold
  2. Hi, I created some file type plugins already. But currently I read 16bits color depth files and have to convert the pixels to 8bits (ARGB), so I loose a lot of color depth information. Is it possible to have 16bits per pixel images in PDN, edit them and save them using a file type plugin? To be clear I can develop the file type plugin myself, I only need some help in handling 16bits per pixel images. Kind regards, Berthold
  3. Here's a simple file type plugin for loading DICOM images in Paint.NET. The plugin uses the Evil DICOM library (https://github.com/rexcardan/Evil-DICOM). Just unzip the file and copy the files to C:\Program Files\paint.net\FileTypes. Download the file type plugin here: Download Please let me know if you have problems loading a DICOM file.
  4. Hi All, I created a His file FileType plugin. His is a image format used for X-Ray flatpanels from PerkinElmer. UPDATE: 1.0.1 New version is created which also support saving to HIS format. 1.0.2 Improved performance Kind regards, Berthold HisFileType.dll
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