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  1. This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it This tutorial is kinda easy. But it is very useful for beginners. You need the Trail plugin made by @pyrochild. 1. Make a small rounded rectangle as a icon-backdrop. 2. In a new layer, add the icon. 3. Duplicate the icon layer. The first layer will be the shadow. 4. In the shadow layer, go to Adjustments>Brightness / Contrast. 5. Twice times, adjust the image with -100 brightness and -100 contrast. 6. Select the cube using th
  2. Wow! Awesome plugin! I had this image: I opened it with a random app in my PC and it became this:
  3. Wow! Awesome! Thanks very much!
  4. Awesome work! But I think you have more images!
  5. 500x200, made 100% in paint.net using NomBot's Tesserae and a lot of layers.
  6. I don't know why, but I like tigers.

  7. I'm listening to EDM music, and I like a lot Hybrid Trap.
  8. 500x200, NomBot's Tesserae. Tiger is NOT made in paint.net (made by chuhe.)
  9. NomBot's Tesserae. 150x500. 100% paint.net
  10. Or you can use Rotate/Zoom tiling option, but bigger...
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