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  1. "Fragmentation" effect?

    Oh my God, THANK YOU! I really can't thank you enough Much appreciated
  2. "Fragmentation" effect?

    OH MY GOD YESSSS Can you share you knowledge on how you did that? :o
  3. "Fragmentation" effect?

    I'm already aware on how to edit images like this (using a background on one layer, subject in another, etc), I've been using PDN since last year (but only now that I signed up for the forums), all I'm interested in is the technique to create the fragmentation effect itself, those straight, dragged-along lines
  4. Hello, some time ago I stumbled upon some works from Witchoria (she's a really good artist), and one of the effects that amazed me were these "fragmentation" effect on some of her works, and I wanted to implement it in some of my own edits using PDN ever since. The problem is, I just can't seen to be able to recreate it. I've fiddle with a variety of tools and plugins, to no avail. Does anyone know how to make this effect on PDN (or if it's even possible at all)?