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  1. Awesome plugin! A few things I noticed (or didn't understand or misunderstood): - Preset Using 'Default', 'Picture', 'Photo' or 'Drawing' gives different results in filesize than using 'Icon' or 'Text'. (while using the same settings with the other sliders and a 'Quality' < 100 so it's not lossless compressed) - Encoding Speed / Quality Setting this to 0 generates the image quicker, makes the image have an higher quality and makes the image have a bigger filesize. Setting this to 6 generates the image slower, makes the image have a lower quality and makes the image have a lower filesize. I don't know if my opinions on quality are wrong but it just seems to me like that and it seems counter-intuitive... - Spatial Noise Shaping What exactly is this? Lower value seems to look better at the cost of a bigger filesize. - Filter Strength Does nothing? - Sharpness Does nothing? - Filter Type Does nothing? - File size in bytes Eh?... - Keep MetaData What does this do?