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  1. Thanks for the mention. I opened the thread where I tried to describe how Filter Forge works in short tutorials and images:
  2. One more idea -- how to create a decorated background using Filter Forge 1. Create a new image. 2. Fill it with any color you like. 3. Paint a nice nonsense with a couple of matching colors. 4. Open Filter Forge and apply Sketchy Painting (download it here). You can experiment with other filters: Gouache by Mike Blackney Mess Painter by lipebianc Paint HDRtist by lipebianc Van Gogh Flow Impasto by Darrell Plank Dabber v0.7 by Skybase Patterned Dithering by inujima
  3. A simple and quick guide on how to use Filter Forge. 1. Open any image in Paint.Net 2. Go to Effects -> 8bf Filter -> Filter Forge 7 - > Run Filter 3. Now you see Filter Forge 7 window with your image in it. You can choose any filter from the upper left area. But I'd recommend you to start with Watercolor Painting: you can find it in the Effects -> Creative folder or with the help of the search line. 4. When you found an appropriate filter or just found Watercolor Painting -- click Apply. You get a result like this: By the way, nice to meet you. That's me and my family. 5. When you are bored to use all the preinstalled filters, go to our Filter Library. There are 12k+ effects and textures to explore. That was the simples way to use Filter Forge. But it also can generate procedural textures, patterns, it has tons of frames and you can create any type of the filter yourself usinf the Filter Editor (don't be shy, it is node-based). If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  4. Thank you for the additions. To have Filter Forge working with Paint.NET you don't necessarily need to download the PSFilterPdn plugin. We've included it to our installer so Filter Forge installs smoothly and without any help. Though we should tell @null54 thanks because his plugin made the official support possible.
  5. I'm glad to announce that Filter Forge 7.0 is released. It supports Paint.NET as Filter Forge 6.0 used to. Price: $149 - $399 (regular price) $37 - $99 (now at a 75% discount) Here's how it looks when Filter Forge is installed and working. I'll add a simple tutorial below in the comments. All the new features with descriptions are on our site but I'll list them here as well. For all the users: 1. We've made Filter Forge faster by improving sample caching. 2. Copy and paste images between Filter Forge and any graphic editor. So now you literally don't need official host support to comfortably work with Filter Forge and your favorite graphic editor. 3. Generate and preview all active channels during rendering and export all of them to files at once. For filter authors: 1. Instant component search will help you to find and add any component faster and easier. 2. We refreshed 47 existing components, made their list and slider inputs mappable. Now there's even less boundaries for your creativity. Try all these new features -- you can download a free 30-day fully-functional trial on our site -- and let us know what you think.
  6. I'm Jane from the Filter Forge team. Our Photoshop plugin is compatible with PSFilterPdn, and we'd like to include it into our installation package. May we have your permission for that? Your license seems to allow free redistribution, but asking the author directly is much simpler and faster than running a license through our lawyer. Thanks in advance!
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