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  1. Thanks for those who helped me. Well at least, tried. I still need help. :((
  2. @Pixey I've tried one again. Uninstall Paint.NET, follow their instructions and then install it. Same result... I swear I have followed all of your instructions (twice *sobs*) @Rick Yeah I was thinking it was because of updates but they are all done, even the minors. The reboot was my first try. I just repaired it. Same result. I'm going crazy. Should I wait for the next update ?
  3. Same for me :o Thanks for stoping by x3 Oh I wasn't sure about this ! (So yes I have this one.) Okay I've tried your link and installed it but it's the same result (thanks for giving your time ;^;)
  4. I'm sorry, I'm not really good with those terms. Are you talking about my drivers ?
  5. Hello everyone. I never had any problem with paint.NET, but today it seems that the applications doesn't work. I can't even open it. All I have is this message and I don't understand what's the matter. It's the most recent version (4.0.12) and I already tried to uninstall / install... Thanks for help.
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