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  1. I would like @Rick Brewster to collaborate with PortableApps.com so users can easily download & install portable version
  2. Regarding Red's solution, this is a flaw. GIMP and Photoshop can export a current state image without flattening it (at least not visibly) and writing "Flatten" to History. See it's one step in GIMP and Photoshop, Ctrl+Alt+S (Save As!), no Flatten in History.
  3. I would like a portable version, I already have all .NET Framework versions so I don't need to install that. I just need a ZIP file that has all PDN files in it. @Rick Brewster Is there a switch for enabling portable version, like "--portable" argument or empty "Portable" file in PDN directory? If you can release a portable version, that would be really great. I don't mind if you don't release a ZIP version (I can extract the setup files myself), I only need a trigger that will enable Portable mode.
  4. Okay this is last time I will try to explain this, I am trying to say that Paint.NET should not assume my gender or filename extension, I am saying that it should not add Flatten to History Panel instead should do the flattening in the background before saving with an appropriate image format I picked. Here's what I do: I click Save or Save As (doesn't matter which), when Save Dialog opens and I enter a filename and pick an extension / image format then click Save, it should not add Flatten action in History when I click Save because I will continue to edit my image aft
  5. Please read thread title, the point of this thread is not "Save As" vs "Save".
  6. "Save as" as its name implies means that I don't want to save this file as PND, PNG or whatever, I just want to "save as" it is. That means I should not have to Flatten my image to just to get an output file. "save as" should Flatten my image automatically in the background and don't change any history in right History panel. Good UX = more users Have a good day
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