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  1. Yes, i've seen this and it was the first thing i tried to install. Unfortunatly, it didn't solve the problem in my case, whatever the version i tried (x64 as well as x86)... That's why I did some additional research until this KB2999226 Package. In order to verify it, I've just tried again on a fresh install and this time it worked : 1) Win 7 Pro x64 SP1 Fresh Install 2) .NET Framework 4.6.x install 3) Paint.NET 4.0.12 install 4) Avast 12.3.2280 install >>> Bug occurs from here 5) C++ runtime for Visual Studio 2015 (x64 file) install >>> Bug Solved :-) Don't know what I did at first time... Sorry for my mistake :-( Many Thanks :-)
  2. Hello Rick, Many thanks for your explanation and for the time you spent. I thought it was something kind of that. Seems to be the most logical... This bug will therefore probably also appear with other very recent softwares assuming they are developped on the same platform (VStudio 2015). May be you are the first simply because paint.NET is very up to date ! ;-) With Microsoft, one never knows... ;-) May be they will improve this meccanism in the futur... OK, as I understand, and so far, the best let's say "workarround" remains simply to install the KB2999226 Package from Microsoft Support as the whole set of these tiny DLLs is installed once for all system wide (in C:\Windows\SysWOW64) and it works quite well.
  3. Hi Rick, First of all, Many thanks and congratulation for your work and your beautiful software. >> Yes this bug occurs whatever the way used to launch Paint.NET (desktop shortcut, start menu shortcut, right click on a file and choosing Paint.NET or double clicking a *.pdn file). I did some additional tests on the following platform: - Windows 7 x64 SP1 Fresh Install, without any windows update. - Admin User (full rights) I've noticed what follows: - The bug only occurs when using Paint.NET since version 4.0.7 or higher (release date 2015.12.30) in conjunction with the Antivirus Avast since version 11.1.2241 or higher (release date 2015.11.30). - There is no problem at all prior to these versions and release dates. - Using .NET framework 4.6.0, 4.6.1 or 4.6.2 seems to have no impact at all. - Deploying all windows updates (on security and system improvements) seems to have no impact. - The KB2999226 Package is not deployed by the Monthly Microsoft Automatic Windows Update process. One have to install it manually. Interrestingly: - If the Antivirus Avast is not installed, the bug does not occur. But Once Avast was installed, uninstalling it and rebooting does not make the bug to go away anymore... That sounds Strange !!!! - The KB2999226 Package solves the Bug (missing DLL is installed in C:\Windows\SysWOW64) but if i uninstall this Package and reboot, the bug does not occurs anymore, even if the DLL is missing again ! It sounds like this has actually no direct connection to the use of the missing DLL itself, but rather like something goes wrong somewhere else (may be in the registry references ?....)... Something has changed between Paint.NET 4.0.6 and 4.0.7 and between Avast 10.4.2233 and 11.1.2241 but I don't know what.... Seems confusing to me...
  4. Hi IronSkye, Thank you for your feedback. Happy it solved it for you too... I should have sayed that it does not appear with another software than Paint.NET. But of course, it appeared every time I launched it. And i forgot to mention that by me too, it popped up whenever I double clicked a *.pdn file or right-clicked on a file and choose open with Paint.NET... So our experiences were actually strictly identical. So far, Windows 7 64 bits is in my point of view the best Windows version, or the least worst should I rather say... ;-)... that's probably why it is still the standard for big companies... Good luck :-)
  5. Missing api-ms-win-core-timezone-l1-1-0.dll After some research, i finally solved the following bug. Fore those interrested in it, here is how it goes: 1) Symptom: The following message is displayed when starting Paint.NET A "PaintDotNet.exe System Error" Window with "The program can't start because api-ms-win-core-timezone-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem." In my case, the bug appeared only at Paint.NET startup, and only once Avast Antivirus was installed (see my system specs below). 2) Cause: Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 creates a dependency on the Universal CRT (C Runtime) when applications are built by using the Windows 10 SDK (Software Development Kit). This prevents these applications from running correctly on previous Windows operating systems. This bug affects Windows Vista SP2, 7 SP1, 8, 8.1, Server 2008, Server 2012... 3) Solving it: Apply the patch provided by Microsoft referred to as KB2999226 by downloading the right package according to your system: This Package actually installes all additional required DLLs in C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (here in case of Win 7 64bits) Note: As advised in other posts, installing the C++ runtime for visual Studio 2015 was helpless. May be this works for windows 10 only... Actually, i finally did not need to install any C++ redistribuable runtime at all... The KB2999226 Package solved it :-) For information, here are my system specs: >> Windows 7 Pro x64 SP1 >> .NET Framework 4.6.2 >> Paint.NET 4.0.12 >> Antivirus Avast 12.3.2280 (built 12.3.3154.23) Hope it helps.... Many thanks to Paint.NET's team for this beautiful software :-)