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  1. Thank you very much, now it works!
  2. Unfortunately this doesn't work.... For each graphic it tells me: "Error loading..." I tried running it as admin, didn't work either. After that I uninstalled and then reinstalled the software, didn't work either...
  3. Hello all together, after working with lots of small graphics (each consisting of three layers) and having them saved as pdn-files I now need them as png files. However, converting about 200 (and more to come) graphics from pdn to png is very time consuming... I couldn't find any (usable and not obsolete) tool/plugin providing a batch conversion functionality to convert multiple *.pdn-graphics at once. Hence I would be very glad if anyone could provide such a tool/plugin. It would be as usefull if somebody could just post a link or description about the structure of the *.pdn-format, so I could try programming a tool/plugin myself. Unfortunately I didn't manage to find out anything about the *.pdn-format...