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  1. Thank you Searose, I followed Pixie's suggestion and downloaded Make an animated gif with Midora's Plugin. But I must have done something wrong because nothing appears in the tools effects. Perhaps you can help? I did restart paintnet and I even restarted the p.c. But no joy.
  2. I once made a lovely animated birthday invitation using a downloaded gif and my own background. Now I would like to do the same for the Christmas Cards I send by email but I can't remember how to or find the right tutorial. Can you help me out, please? tut.
  3. I had a go at your suggestion and I downloaded a white silk background instead of a black/grey one. This meant that I didnot need to lower the opacity so far down as in the orginal attempt but when I used the multiply function the texture in the foreground disappeared. So I will stick to my original method. I also tried the free cellophane wraps from https://www.google.nl/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=4&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwj2uqePs7XeAhWOGuwKHR41BtoQFjADegQICRAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fblog.spoongraphics.co.uk%2Ffreebies%2F6-free-high-resolution-plastic-wrap-textures&usg=AOvVaw2Wtp3d79yENePxMiFsA2gF but they are dark as well.
  4. Cellophane or. Plastic wrap texture A Painting in Cellophane or plastic wrap. Download the painting from the internet, in this instance Het Melkmeisje by Johannes Vermeeer from the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam Collection and a silk texture from Pexel.com. Start with the picture of the painting. Select and copy and use as a new layer the silk texture on top of the Vermeer. Lower the opacity to somewhere between 75 and 60. The bottomlayer( the painting) is clearly visible but has lost its brilliance. To bring the brilliance back copy the bottomlayer five or six times and merge the layers of the painting down.Finally merge the transparent silk layer down with the painting and you will end with a work of art in cellophane.
  5. I would like to see and download those brushes but the link does no longer work
  6. I find it hard to work with. In your example you used a tiny figure to cut out. But in an ordinary photo which shows more than just head and shoulders I only get part of the figure when I enlarge. For the bottomhalf of the picture I have to go back to the whole image and then I can't see the dots or the lines. Am I doing sth wrong?
  7. I have copied the titles of the plugins to Word. and removed them from my laptop and backup. I have also uninstalled the paintnet programme, I will now install the English version instead of the one in Dutch. That makes it easier to do tutorials and most of the plugins are in English anyway. I will download new plugins as I go along.
  8. Hallo Pixi, I had a go at this and in the end I got result! I will certainly try this again .
  9. Oh, <No cursing.>!.However, I immediately ran my antivirus scanner (eset smart security 9) and that told me that my system had not been infected. So no harm done, I hope.
  10. Thanks for helping me out. I did as you suggested and deselected those plug ins I won't need.. I had read enough warnings on this forum not to use to download the Megalo Pack . I checked in my history of downloads and saw that I had downloaded it from paint.net Software Piratescom.au. I didnot realise it was too old.
  11. I downloaded the Which Symbol Plus plug in and this is what I get. It is in the folder effect and 'genereren' (dutch) with borders and shapes, Julia fractal etc. I can do nothing with it.
  12. post Thank you Red Ochre. I didnot know what the blob on the left was for or what is was called. Now I do and it works!
  13. Posted 3 hours ago ยท Report post @Jagersvrouw - It happens to me all the time. When you move your cursor over the Plugin to open it, if the cursor is not on the very left edge - it will not open. Once before this was reported and I think a Mod answered saying it happens when you have too many Plugins in the Effects Folder Thank you Pixi. I think you have cracked it. I do have some 25 plugins and am still adding as I try to learn from tutorials on this site and you tube.
  14. This plugin doesnot work properly anymore since the last windows 10 update. Sometimes it appears and other times it does not appear at all. What can be done about this? Are there other users who have the same problem?
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