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  1. Thanks too all for the input! It is very much appreciated, and has given me several avenues to pursue! Doc
  2. Again, that is NOT my design. That is an image I copied & pasted from an email I received, not something I created with Paint.net. I have not loaded any plugins in the program, and the only thing Paint.net had to do with this image is to crop the size for posting here. This was only posted to show a sample of what I wanted to accomplish. BTW - I prefer the GTO, but old Caddy drop-tops are okay, too! Doc
  3. This isn't my design. This is what has prompted me to create my own. The white fields at the very bottom labelled QSO, DATE UTC, MHZ, RST, and MODE are the fields I wanted to try to fill in with variables. All other items, such as address, are one-time entries and won't change. Had no idea of the enormity of what I wanted to do!! Thanks Doc
  4. I think that's going to be my best bet. That way I can do nice fonts and even a design as a background for each box in one step. Thanks for the info Ardneh! Doc
  5. Thanks for the reply E.E.R. Looked at your idea, but I have to say it may be a bit advanced for someone of my skill level - which is to say, nonexistent! I've designed a couple of web pages over a few years, but remain blissfully ignorant of HTML code! I was hoping for something simple and (relatively) easy, such as an Excel-type reference to a different workbook, but to quote a recent politician, the cure can't be worse than the problem! Thanks! Doc - (a 72-year-old neophyte!)
  6. Thanks for the reply, Rep! The basic idea is to have a background picture on a roughly postcard-sized image. The top layer would be multiple rectangular-shaped text fields that could be filled in from "some type" of external source, such as a .txt, .csv, or similar file. So a variable named "A1" might refer to the first segment of a line in a .csv file, "A2" might refer to the second segment, and so on. The purpose of this is that I am a ham radio operator and this would generate a "QSL" card, which, when printed out or emailed, is written confirmation of a contact made on-air with
  7. Is it possible to create several (perhaps as many as 8 variables in defined text area of an image, to be read from a separate file, such as a text or Excel file? Thanks! Doc
  8. Thanks, Rick. No other installs. I thought I had downloaded from dotpdn, but did note at the time that I had to go back and re-click it, as it didn't seem to work the first time. Not a show stopper in any case. Malwarebytes found it and I deleted the entire directory. Just wanted the powers-that-be to be aware of it. Thanks Doc
  9. Updated to 4.0.11 (from the Paint.net site) and shortly after Malwarebytes found the directory "mobogenie" as a PUP in my User/Doc/Appdata directory. Not posting this as an accusation, but for information. Tnx Doc
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