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  1. toe_head2001 Thanks for all the sugestions. I did make sure that my video card drier were up to date, and it turns out that Windows Defender (running) is the culprit. As soon as I turn it off Paint.net functions are required. Thanks again!
  2. toe_head2001 Here is the listing of running process (not in Safe Mode). See attached. Thanks for the help! System Idle Process.txt
  3. Ego Eram Reputo, I do not have any plugins installed at this time. Regards,
  4. toe_head2001, I have verified that Paint.net works fine in Safe Mode. Could you please advise on how to gather the running processes?
  5. I recently received the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to my Surface Pro 3 and Paint.net no longer is functioning. The program opens with no errors, but does not function in any capacity. It lags around for a few moments and then displays "Not Responding" and you must use the Task manager to close the program and it becomes unresponsive. Microsoft Windows10 Pro Version 10.0.14393 Build 14393 x64 - Intel i7 Please advise as I use this program on a daily basis.