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  1. I'm also using windows 7. I'm having the same issue with your version 4.0.10. I've tried installing the C++ libraries from the link, and it says it's already installed on my pc. I downloaded the dll directly from microsoft, and still am getting the same error. I've tried the repair and nothing. The program opens after the error message, but the error message after I restart my pc or open the program is very annoying. Going to uninstall until issue is discovered for this. Note: If the program opens with the image, why even import that dll. Have the dev try commenting out that line, run the test suite, and if everything checks out okay, then there is no need to import it. Also, you might want to try testing newer versions on freshly installed window systems (use v-machines if you have to). This will ensure no extra hacks are needed to make your program work without bugs and errors. I wouldn't be so quick to blame microsoft if you are using their libraries for your program. That is the risk any developer makes when using 3rd party plugins, libraries, ect from elsewhere. Robert C. Martin explains it well when he talks about dependency injection and how you are married to it, but it is not married to you. It can change or remove itself, and you have no say in what it does.