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  1. @BoltBait appreciate the renderer, nice one @MJW I highly recommend it, I'm a big fan of short animations and film intros. I'm wondering what has taken you so long to not already be using it lol
  2. @MJW understood, which is a shame because I think It would be a nice little add-on. I find HTML pretty easy to pick up on so I think id enjoy working with C#. Do you work with blender?
  3. @toe_head2001 ill be waiting patiently lol @Shochi ill have a gander at them now thx @MJW I have created a few sites using CSS and HTML. is codelab a similar framework?
  4. agreed, there are many ways I can think to use it. I need to figure out how to crate plug-ins.. any tips or walk throughs anywhere?
  5. No you did not, what you've done is accurate and how I slice lines. what I would like is an option in the Bezier style toolbar, to change the cap eg. (rounded, arrow, square); to a 'point' cap, as you and I have both demonstrated
  6. ctrl + alt makes the picture even larger. 800x600 canvas, I add a picture 1250x966, add to layer, now it doesn't even ask if I want to keep canvas size or not it just makes my initial image 1250x966. then after deleting the large picture, underneath my image is now tiny in the top corner. I cant get my head around it.
  7. Amazing artwork and very realistic, just missing the Chanel No5 label Inspiring gallery, kudos
  8. iv looked around the discussion board and I cant find what I'm looking for so here goes. maybe I'm a noob at times but I try to load a picture into my project. I click to keep the canvas size but the picture iv added causes my original designs canvas size exponentially. I understand that the image iv chosen is obviously too big, but by clicking keep canvas size I assume that shouldn't be the case. any ideas?
  9. thanks for the reply. I agree it it close and you can manipulate volutes the way I want to. lengthy process lol Can a new style end cap be created?
  10. I'm not sure how to utilize this site to my advantage as of yet so please bear with me. To BolBait, or any plug-in designers. I was wondering if you could design a plug-in in where the Bezier slimmed to a point at the ends, eg instead of an arrow head or curved it will be a point like a bendy needle? at the moment I am using curved tipped (beziers) in black for eg. then using (white) beziers on top of the black ones to overlap the tip and turn it into a point. (as shown in image) This would be useful in outlining characters or objects. its not a necessity but help
  11. Playing with Blurs and Rotate/Zoom, Copy layers and moved them away a smidge. Then blurred until I was happy
  12. So in future I upload my pics to where? gallery?

  13. Old School Record Company.


  14. Something For The Ladies x


  15. Random Design for Clothing/Perfume etc


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