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  1. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, now can i delete the copy thats on the desktop? thank u thank u! thankn u both of you for 1 your very timely responses, but mostly for beingb so helpful
  2. ok, thank u, so i did that and that error came up (i attached the screen shot) .....
  3. Hey all, maybe this is a really stupid question, but regardless i have no clue and im running my brain in circles...lol After i download the zip, unzip and now i have the dll, what do i do with that? Please keep in mind before someone (i hope not) decides to make some sarcastic comment, im no computer nerd, im selfn taught paint.net, never used anything but, son please be gentle i my question is a complete lame one thanks guys And once I get this added will i be able to make a stencil for like carving a pumpkin? lol since that isn what I am trying to do is carve my sons face into a craft pumpkin. you know a 3d portrait style with shadows and all) again thanks
  4. so as every1 can see im new here, lol.  But not so new to PDN. Ive actually loved it for at least ten years.  In its basic form, ive just recently started USING it for its full worth.  I typically jumpin between at least two programs to achieve one look,it used to be three before i taught my self how to crop the back ground out of something in PDN.  Im sure PDN can actually handle all my needs.  So  hoping some one will diret me in te directionof the correct tutorial, amd proably plug in?  to create a sorta holograph look (rainbowish look)

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