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  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to participate in the People Photography Viva 2016 photo contest at so it can be useful. I have never participated in such contests before. The cash prize is 6000 euro and the participation is open for everyone. Hope one day I'll win one of these contests.
  2. Finally I received an invitation from my new friend to Japan. I've been dreaming to visit this amazing country for years. Can't wait to see Tokyo and Kyoto. Hope it will be great trip!
  3. Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year, guys!
  4. I like parties. This year I was at Christmas fancy dress party. It was great! I ordered the hipster mermaid costume at and my friends were impressed with my new look. Was quite entertaining. Want to organize my own Christmas fancy dress party next year. This weekend I'm also going to the New Year's Eve party.
  5. I'm a big fan of hollywood movies. But I prefer to watch Netflix US. I travel a lot and I started to use VPN network to watch Nettflix US content without any geo-restrictions that are implemented in different countries. Very convenient. So my fav movies now are The Age of Adaline, The Unknown (2011) and Suicide Squad. All of them are worth watching.
  6. thanks for sharing. I want to try it too
  7. I like Painter Mobile app. I found it at freepps few months ago and I'm completely satisfied with this app. It works best with a large screen and a stylus. PS it's free
  8. I also like Midora's animated images