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  1. Wow, that's surprising. However - I just got the latest update a few minutes ago and the problem disappeared. It had just occurred earlier today for me on the same device - so the latest update does seem to fix it. Any chance there was work done around this? Thanks either way!
  2. I do not have Diebold Warsaw (or any Diebold products) installed. @Rick BrewsterI found the culprit. I am on a 4K display laptop (3840x2160) running at 350% scale factor. The high scale factor is what causes the soft lock. Here is repro steps that anyone should be able to get. Step 1: Set your display resolution to 3840x2160 Step 2: Set your scale factor to 350% (to make text/etc... readable) - To do this, right click desktop -> Display Settings -> Scale and Layout Step 1: Using PDN, create image that is 1024x768 in dimension (solid white is fine).
  3. This happens from all sources and all sizes of images that are larger than the source but here's a specific example: 1. Start a new blank image that is 500x500 2. Open Google Chrome, find a desktop background (1024x768) 3. In Google Chrome right click the image and select "Copy Image" 4. Go back to PDN and press CTRL-V 5. Notice the app goes unresponsive and cannot recover NOTE: This happens for ALL sizes of images that are larger than the source image, and from ALL sources that I have tried to copy from. Here are the details from the dia
  4. It seems in the latest update, trying to paste a larger image onto a smaller image (which brings up the "would you like to expand the canvas?" popup) causes a crash 100% of the time. The crash is a soft-lock/hang and occurs as soon as the popup comes up after the popup populates with the image, but before the popup populates any text or buttons. Here's a screenshot. I can reproduce this 100% of the time. Steps: 1. Start a picture - any size. 2. Copy a picture with larger dimensions into the Windows buffer. 3. Press CTRL-V to p
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